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  1. Dr Pixel Plays

    Audio Gear How to TEMPORARILY dampen the audio in the room with the acoustic foam

    I once saw a video titled "How to Make High Performance Sound Absorption Panels for $5". Maybe that's a cheap alternative if you want to DIY it. I'm not sure if it helps to remove echo, but if you are running an Nvidia graphics card you could try RTX Voice.
  2. Dr Pixel Plays

    A/B Testing This thumbnail is old and needs updating

    Your new thumb is definitely an improvement. I just think that the text could use more work. It's too small for most places. Make it bigger, and if you can't try using an easier readable font.
  3. Dr Pixel Plays

    Gaming Channel Hello TubeBuddy Community, I'm New Around Here! I Create Call of Duty Content, Both Gameplay and Weapon Setups/Guides. The King of Average CODtent!

    Yeah, you did. This is a detailed introduction. I like detailed introductions, they tell you a lot more about the person. Remember to read the forum rules and check out the FAQ. And good luck with your journey ahead. This is a great place to get started and learn how to build a channel. Just...
  4. Dr Pixel Plays

    Other Social Media Social media

    There's Reddit too. Not a good place for promotion, though.
  5. Dr Pixel Plays

    Channel Banner Feedback How important is the YouTube banner art?

    A good channel banner can make people more interested in your content, as Lilly said. Another thing to consider is that channel art can be used to inform your viewers not only what your channel is about. You can include links in the bottom right corner, you can also put your Instagram or so on...
  6. Dr Pixel Plays

    Other Is there a good app/software for reducing background noise.

    Removing Background Noise isn't an easy thing to do. Your editing software might have some tools for that, and otherwise, you can use programs like audacity. And even with audio software, it can be a lot of work to remove the background noise completely. The best thing you can do is to try and...
  7. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question Declined monetization

    Weird, your content looks really advertiser-friendly and harmless. That's really strange. You didn't do sub4sub or anything that might have been against YT's ToS? But I wouldn't freak out. There's no rush to get monetized. You might get like $10-$20 a month at your current size. Just try...
  8. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question VIDEO EDITING

    Use the YouTube editor, I guess. With the YouTube editor, you can cut out any scene from the video. It's not the most user-friendly so you might want to look for a tutorial first. If you want to replace footage, though, or add effects like titles or images, you have to delete upload a new one.
  9. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question At what time your Youtube Analytics starts as a new day?

    No, it's the timezone. You can change your loaction on YT, but you still would be in the same time zone physically. I think it really is just a time zone thing. So if it's 2:30 pm for you, it's probably 11 am for me. I'm going to check my analytics at 11 am today, if I don't forget.
  10. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Tips Sub 4 Sub: Why It Should Be Avoided

    Another great write-up of yours! Hard and smart work will eventually pay off. In the end, if you want long-term success, you need a long-term strategy. You are conquering YouTube one video at a time. I feel there's nothing that can make you feel better as a content creator if you get a real...
  11. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question Will changing tags of an old video negatively affect the reach and ranking?

    I didn't notice a significant effect of changing tags of older videos (yet), but what certainly can't hurt is changing the thumbnail, at least I hope so. If you have an old video sitting at under 3% CTR, it's definitely worth a refresh. Even if you won't get many impressions from the YT search...
  12. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question At what time your Youtube Analytics starts as a new day?

    For me (Germany, GMT+2) my data updates at about 10 am. I always thought it's because YouTube needs time to process the data from yesterday.
  13. Dr Pixel Plays

    How-To Channel Me and my crafting adventures!

    Just take a look around the forums, I'm sure you'll find loads of useful posts. Good luck on your journey ahead!
  14. Dr Pixel Plays

    Answered How do I figure out when my subbies are watching my videos? Best time to post new content?

    Take a look at a similar thread I started a few days ago: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/31429/#post-93149 You may not see the data for your channel, as I do, but that's because YouTube doesn't have enough data yet. But you can simply google for the data of other channels...
  15. Dr Pixel Plays

    Answered Is the vanity URL a custom URL?

    Yes, it is. It's the URL that's like youtube.com/channel/c/username.
  16. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Question Impressions leading to watch time?

    Yeah, my SEO hasn't been great so far, but that's why we are here, to learn and share!
  17. Dr Pixel Plays

    Video Review Is this video able to keep your attention for more than 3 mins?

    Well, I'm not in your target group, so take my feedback with a grain of salt. I guess your intro might be alright for your showcase of the skin. I didn't really pay attention to the title, and then I wasn't really understanding what the video was going to be all about. So it just could have...
  18. Dr Pixel Plays

    Video Review Is this video able to keep your attention for more than 3 mins?

    Your video isn't shadowbanned. Onto your video. First of all, the intro looks of course amazing. You really know how to produce high-quality content. My problem, though, is that I had no clue what your video is about. I guess, the title tells you something, but I still had no clue whether...
  19. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Opinion Sub4sub

    There's no rush to get monetized. With 1k subs, you would maybe earn a few bucks a month. Why risk your channel getting in trouble with YouTube just so you can get a few bucks? You need to think about YouTube longterm. Building a channel takes a long time, we should all think about it longterm.
  20. Dr Pixel Plays

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Your weighted scores are so small because you are targeting keywords that require more views than you usually get to rank in. Don't use unweighted scores, just try targeting more niche search terms. I know it's not as epic to rank for them and only getting a few views a week from them, but this...