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  1. Zuhri Sani Fahmi

    Answered Why my profile post is deleted ?

    Okay thanks for the answer. Do the rules also apply to posts on personal profiles? Then if I share a video from my Youtube it will be spam? For the commemoration, the first is in 2019 and the second is in 2020. The first has expired. I just want to ask, why does it affect the deletion of posts...
  2. Zuhri Sani Fahmi

    Answered Why my profile post is deleted ?

    Why ? What is wrong ? It's my profile, what i can not post in my profile ? What the rules ?, i can not post annything with my profile ? I confuse, help.. i post in the forum, i just had been banned. And now, my profile post is deleted. Nothing a notification about that. What's wrong ? Help...