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  1. itstom

    Sword of the Necromancer - First impressions

    How you doing guys ItsTom here and today we have a look at the Sword of the Necromancer. We only have access to prologue of the game therefore we will only be able to play 1st level of the game but that should give us pretty good understanding what's happening in the game :)
  2. itstom

    Sectors Edge 4 minutes review - Destroy everything around you

    How you doing guys ItsTom here and I've spent quite some time playing Sectors Edge and here's my 4 minutes review. Sectors Edge is an early access free to play first person shooter with a twist. That twist is that anything and everything is destructible in the game.
  3. itstom

    Thumbnail Feedback Should I apply similar look and feel to older videos?

    Great stuff @SILTHW :) Obviously I am just at the beginning but better to nail it at the beginning :D
  4. itstom

    Thumbnail Feedback Should I apply similar look and feel to older videos?

    Hey all! I've just recently created this thumbnail for my new video and was wondering if I should try to get all of my thumbnails to same design? I was thinking of applying same colour to similar content e.g. one colour for reviews, other for gameplays etc.. Should I have all my videos have...
  5. itstom

    Top games of November you don't want to miss

    How you doing guys ItsTom here and there's loads of games coming out this month... To be precise 133 so far announced. So before you lose your mind over figuring out what to play I have a list of 10 games you don't want to miss out in Novembers. PS Let me know any feedback you might have for...
  6. itstom

    Answered How do you

    Hey Uncle Momo :) You can check forum rules for info about promotion. In general self promo is not allowed unless posted in specific parts of the forum. :)
  7. itstom

    Who could you become? #Ambition

    Cool video! :) P.S. your youtube badge in your signature is not working as expected - check here :)
  8. itstom

    Thumbnail Feedback High resolution thumbnails

    I personally use Photoshop right now, but have used gimp previously :) P.S. Your youtube badge in signature has an error make sure to check here to fix that up :)
  9. itstom

    Cloud gaming in single & multi player games - GeForce Now

    How you doing guys! I've recently spent couple of days testing GeForce Now with some single and multi player games. Would love to hear some feedback if you have any! :)
  10. itstom

    Other Milestone 2000 Views :)

    This happened over night :p Love to see it!
  11. itstom

    YouTube Tips How to get more watch time?

    That's interesting approach hacking your way to get monetised but not sure if it's a long term solution to increase your watch time... I'd be checking your analytics to figure out which type of videos give you most watch time and maybe focus on those videos. :)
  12. itstom

    YouTube Question Anybody notice this appearing in their analytics in the overview tab

    YouTube is known for A/B testing their features :) If proven useful for users they will implement for wider audience... Usually(similar as Netflix does) yt only test features on 0.5-1% their audience :)
  13. itstom

    Need Advice Ok I give up

    With timestamps this is what I was referring to -https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9884579?hl=en Add them within your video description :) This shows me that in general people watch beginning of your videos, see how game performs and jump out... Try recording a shorter video. As for...
  14. itstom

    Need Advice Ok I give up

    I'm going to be honest with you here... I don't think it's your voice or personality. I do think your videos are a bit too long. I would chop them up in shorter videos up to 10-15 mins. Or if you want to keep these long videos consider adding timestamps in the video to tag certain levels etc...
  15. itstom

    YouTube Question Impressions definition

    Got the answer but for anyone wondering the same question - https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/analytics-impressions#strategies-zippy-link-2
  16. itstom

    YouTube Question Impressions definition

    I've seen couple of discussions about impressions and what they are etc. But no one has actually explained what impressions really are... What I actually mean by that is following - lets say you've searched for fortnite and your initial search results will load in and there's about 20 results...
  17. itstom

    Channel Review How is my SEO throughout my channel?

    Awesome tips! Thanks so much for taking time to look into my channel :) Yeah I should definitely go back to previous videos and update thumbnails so that they all follow same style and update desc and tags :) Thanks for pointing that out, definitely helped me!
  18. itstom

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Custom Extention Enable functionality

    That sounds like something useful I have to admit. It would be very nice to have a way to turn off certain features. Make them all turned on by default so new users never miss them but allow others to turn off features you want.
  19. itstom

    There should be features of hours too

    Not sure what do you mean by hours?