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  1. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Help Help! I don't understand google ads

    I may be wrong Jungle explorer and I can see where you're coming from but I think you might actually be the one who has misunderstood Katie's post as it came across as a little condescending too even though you've possibly misunderstood it yourself (Katie will have to clarify this though) ...
  2. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Question What do you all do whenever you fail to upload a youtube video for any reason?

    I'll be facing this problem very soon!! I upload one vid a week every weds and I did actually make 10 vids before starting the channel thinking it would give me 10 weeks to make more . Sadly for various life reasons it caught up with me and I'm now struggling to make one in time which is a shame...
  3. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Question Videos getting a boost at an odd time

    I've had a similar experience. My views are a bit here and there but I've noticed around 2am UK time I get a surge on my more popular videos . I've out this down to a US audience clicking as it may seem more appealing and they're at social hours in the US. I post at 4pm on weds UK time on mine...
  4. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Opinion One video 1000 views and the other 10

    Maybe it's the keywords and I suspect because one was gaining more views it was then put forward as a suggested video more often than not .
  5. groovy horrror scifi

    Movies/TV Movie recommendations? (Horror, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Comendy etc...)

    There's a movie that stuck in my head that I watched at a horror festival about four years ago called DRY BLOOD. It's a low budget horror made with passion about a guy who goes to isolate in a cabin so he can go cold turkey from the drugs. There's a female actress who is slightly off with her...
  6. groovy horrror scifi

    Entertainment Channel Hello from a creator in Nashville, Tennessee!

    Just had a look at your channel, it looks like you're having fun with it and well done on all those subs and you have some decent views on your channel. I noticed you're into horror which is what drew me in as I'm a huge horror fan , I have been since I was a kid in the 70s and 80s ( mnetally I...
  7. groovy horrror scifi

    Community I want to improve my thumbnails but dont even know where to start

    I'd experiment. I'm not the most artistic but I find canva.com (there's a sticky thread about it in this section) is a load off my mind. It's simple to use and it's free , you can create some great thumbnails. I make videos giving out facts about movies in the horror and sci-fi genre so I try...
  8. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Help Best end screen plan?

    Can you actually place the end videos, subscriber links where you want in your video. I find mine can only seem to be placed right near the end as my credits roll. I must admit though using youtube studio on a mobile phone is not bloody straightforward.
  9. groovy horrror scifi

    Need Advice Has anyone every used Google Ads?

    I got quite a few hundred views on a couple of videos using google ads although my subs didnt expand massively but gained some . I didn't spend much around £20 a month but whereas I might have got around 300-400 views on a couple, on other vids I just about get double figures so I might have got...
  10. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Tips How Do I Get Seen On YouTube?

    Whilst I'm still new to this and learning there are some great tips in this post. Theres something I'm going to change which I think will benefit my channel and its suggested in this post ( the 'please subscribe' issue ) this post has given me an idea on what to do next so cheers.
  11. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Tips What is a Good Retention Rate?

    I've found with some of my videos which are hit and miss in terms of views that the retention rate near the beginning drops so it suggests I need to change something there. My vids are less than 30mins so 50% retention rate is going to be a challenge !!. Worth doing though . As for taking vids...
  12. groovy horrror scifi

    Channel Review Am I on the right track. Cannot seem to get many subs.

    GCPI your link doesn't appear to work it just states error . I can't check out your channel .
  13. groovy horrror scifi

    Channel Review Am I on the right track. Cannot seem to get many subs.

    Hi sorry everyone , I've just read most of these replies . I do apologise as December is that busy I've not had chance to come on here. I appreciate the feedback and it seems I'm on the right track so thank you. I hope you've all had a good Christmas.
  14. groovy horrror scifi

    Need Advice im wondering the best way to get subs on youtube

    Wow thankyou Mattcommand1 You make some very valid points and I really do appreciate the time you took to give some constructive criticism. I agree with your comments about the long videos . Some I even cut down and still couldn't get them under 20mins which is daunting for the type of videos...
  15. groovy horrror scifi

    Need Advice im wondering the best way to get subs on youtube

    Whilst the obvious is making quality content I mist admit it does sometimes feel like walking in the dark wondering whether you're getting to the right place. I'd try and get some honest feedback from people as to how you could improve . I get quite a few views on some of my vids & I do get some...
  16. groovy horrror scifi

    Answered Youtube link in profile.

    Cheers Tito tim I think that's worked .
  17. groovy horrror scifi

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I originally started a youtube channel where I would upload horror stories but it is kind of scrapped now as I struggled to find time. I recently made around 10 videos where I give out facts about a horror or scifi movie once a week , I have an interest in these genres and it's fun communicating...
  18. groovy horrror scifi

    Answered Youtube link in profile.

    I've noticed people have the YouTube link to their channel underneath their profile but mine just states 'error'. I've searched but cannot find an answer as to why . I do apologise if the answer is lurking in the threads somewhere . Any help would be appreciated cheers .
  19. groovy horrror scifi

    Entertainment Channel 10 facts about (insert horror, scifi or cult movie here) videos

    Cheers . Check out some of those Yuzna movies they're great fun.