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  1. DigiDesign Zina

    Answered How to Add a Second Channel to the TubeBuddy Forums?

    Hey, I made a second channel for my graphic design videos. Is there a way to add the second channel also to my TubeBuddy (forum) account? Thank you
  2. DigiDesign Zina

    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    Thank you both. I don't know it anymore either... I just try to Play with it. I make now Youtube shorts with the new tool to create shorts of your longer formats.
  3. DigiDesign Zina

    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    Thank you all! I tried to upload some Youtube Shorts on my channel, and it give a boost to my subscribers :heart_eyes: So I try to variate a little with shorts and longer content
  4. DigiDesign Zina

    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    Hey, I want to upload more Youtube Shorts. But is this a good idea for a small channel? For example: For a normal video, I get around 100+ views on these videos For a Short video, I get around 1000+ views on these kinds of videos Is this a good impression to Youtube? Because of the big...
  5. DigiDesign Zina

    News Channel khulasa media

    Welcome to the Beautifull Tubebuddy Community!
  6. DigiDesign Zina

    Educational Channel Raj Super G 8

    Welcome to this nice community. Have fun in here :blush:
  7. DigiDesign Zina

    How-To Channel The Kitchen Master

    Welcome to the community. You have a wonderful dream! I hope it comes out. We need more people like you on this world :heart:
  8. DigiDesign Zina

    Channel Milestone 125,000 views!!!

    Congratulations! I am Proud of you :) :party:
  9. DigiDesign Zina

    How-To Channel Drawing Tutorials For Beginners

    Thank you! I will check it out :D
  10. DigiDesign Zina

    YouTube Help My videos were performing well in the last 10 days but suddenly youtube is not giving impressions on my new video, can anyone tell me why?

    Maybe the topic of your video is not popular on that video? How is your seo score doing on that video? Do you have hashtags where your video is ranking? Is cta good on that video? If not maybe you need to make a better thumbnail? This things should I check :)
  11. DigiDesign Zina

    YouTube Help YouTube Channel Stops growing

    Oh that’s not fun to read what she did to you. I think that you need to improve your videos seo score again and maybe change your thumbnail use new tags and so on and give it some time and then see what happens? I have a small YouTube channel and I am still learning so I am not sure if it...
  12. DigiDesign Zina

    how do i improve the odds of more people watching my premiere when it goes live?!

    Hey, I think that you can do one thing with TubeBuddy and that’s try to get the Seo score as high as possible. I think the important thing is to build a community on your channel and promote your video on your channels so that people knows about the video
  13. DigiDesign Zina

    Answered Tag to your title.

    I I hope it will work! Goodluck you can do this and thank you for your sweet words I am a small channel to but I am happy with I got
  14. DigiDesign Zina

    Answered Can you tweak Trending Video Suggestions? They're not relative to my channel.

    Hey, I have that same problem too, My Channel goes about Art and Drawing tutorials and I get also trending videos about football/soccer, etc. I don't think that you can change that sadly enough. I can be wrong, so I am curious if their is a way to change this.
  15. DigiDesign Zina

    Question Where is the best place to start in TubeBuddy with my first video?

    Hey, I think the "Keyword explorer" tool. I am gonna try to explain my process: (I have a Pro Membership) Step1: research popular keywords on Youtube. Step 2: Write in a document a few points about what I wanna say in the video Step 3: Record the video Step 4: Edit the video Step 5...