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  1. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    Don't let other cloud your judgment on what is a great fit for you! everyone have different need and want
  2. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    this is hard to say most people act like that because they only want money or a way to scam you! what I will do is try to found one in your area who sell shih tzu and see if you can buy one but only in cash never pull down deposit and never tell them you have dogs because in the end they going...
  3. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    Well any time you post on any social media you have chance for someone to take your content! Facebook is the most rewarding for your hard-earned content! So to answer your question is no Facebook will not take ownership over your content in fact Facebook encourages content creator to post the...
  4. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook Facebook reels vs Youtube shorts

    Go on YouTube seach up 'Facebook reels' it started around November! A few YouTuber post video explaining
  5. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook Facebook reels vs Youtube shorts

    reels only can reach up to 30 seconds! I hit around 2.2 million view got pay around 4,000 for the month on bonus!
  6. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook Facebook reels vs Youtube shorts

    Hey everyone wanted to ask you which one do you prefer? I prefer Facebook reels, I make alot more money on my Facebook then on my YouTube! the engagement on Facebook seem to be alot better for us we hit around 3 million reach a month! YouTube short im lucky if I get 10 view and went I do get...
  7. TheShihTzuFamily

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    You are 100% right! My Impressions was hitting around 100k a month but YT decision to push SHORT VIDEO ONLY now my impressions 43.7k month! I ask my viewer what I can to improve my video they told me this " I don't see your video anymore on my page! Traffic source type Youtube search 81.8%...
  8. TheShihTzuFamily

    TubeBuddy Excellent Results

    This is why I love reading your comment! YouTube only care about one data is all about REVENUE if your video not making YouTube money that video will not get push to a new viewer period! This is the reason why YouTube started to put ad on everyone video before they are monetize so it can help...
  9. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Has anyone gained a massive amount of subscribers from your YouTube shorts videos, but they don't watch your full videos when you upload new content.

    YouTube came out with a video explain this if you post short video viewer who watch your short video will only be recommended your short video and same goes with the long video
  10. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Worst August in my channel's history. Views crashing worst than January cliff! What is going on with YT?

    Hey you not the only one who going though this! I was getting around 10,000 to 15,000 view a month now im lucky to get 5,000 or 6,000 view a month! Youtube are trying there best to over take tiktok with YouTube short but it not working so they lower your impressions so you believe that you need...
  11. TheShihTzuFamily

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    I agree 100% of this! What get me you can monetize a Facebook page too! I don't know why people who use YouTube want Facebook follower! just start a Facebook page and post your picture and video you can make more money on Facebook then YouTube can
  12. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Why my CPM and RPM increase?

    I was wonder why CPM and RPM increased! Is it because of more view or the season? I notice my impression drop in half so im getting less view!
  13. TheShihTzuFamily

    Other Social Media Favorite social media Platform?

    Facebook for me is better then YouTube I just get better engagement on Facebook and it so easy to grow on!
  14. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Why do I suddenly loose 8 subscribers.. again?

    It your channel do what u need to do and have ALOT of fun doing it my friend! also remember YouTube u need a lot of patience without that u not going to make it
  15. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Question Why do I suddenly loose 8 subscribers.. again?

    Sometime we lose subscriber because they are bot! Don't give up u will get more subscribers
  16. TheShihTzuFamily

    YouTube Help Monetization Eligibility

    I think they going to give u a option to mute the video for that soundtrack or part of the video! Monetization request took me one day to get approve so I don't think it will take long for u
  17. TheShihTzuFamily

    Subscriber Milestone 85 Subscribers?! Oh My!!

    Keep it up and great job you got this