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  1. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Question So, the dislike button is back! Should we be worried?

    I have seen many people disliking videos to demotivate the content creators. I believe its some form of harassment or bullying. There are crazy people around the world who would Hate on you. I think YouTube did great job. Now if someone dislikes me, I should be only worried about whether my...
  2. jawadsoomro

    Entertainment Channel Motivated and Excited

    Hello there. Welcome to Tubebuddy forum. You will find lot of useful things here. Tips, feedback and advices to grow youtube channel. It's good to see beauty channel here. BTW your channel link is showing error at the bottom of your post. You can fix the error at the bottom of your post by...
  3. jawadsoomro

    Adobe InDesign: How to add Brackets to the Bulleted List

    This is a hidden feature in Adobe InDesign, and the solution is very simple. Most of the users are not aware about this function. Someone requested me to make tutorial on this topic. So, I made it.
  4. jawadsoomro

    Vlog Channel VaultParanormal

    Hello TJ. Wow so you are making vlogs on travelling to haunted places? Actually I watch such videos most of the time. Did you ever watch Nuke Top 5 channel? I watch his videos instantly. Anyways welcome to tubebuddy forum. I wish you all the best!
  5. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Question How do I make the next video in my playlist play automatically?

    Only you. Others can turn it on and off by their own.
  6. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    Hey man. Do you mean Tubebuddy seo score on your videos? Or vidiq seo score? Well, that happens to me many times. But after few days, SEO Score same video will show tick mark on hi-res thumbnails.
  7. jawadsoomro

    Gaming Channel nika gamer

    Hello Luis. Welcome to the Tubebuddy community forum. I just used translate to understand your post. Todo lo mejor para tu carrera de YouTube en juegos.
  8. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Question How do I make the next video in my playlist play automatically?

    Make sure this Autoplay button on the video is TURNED ON/OFF. If it's on, next video will play after watching the complete video.
  9. jawadsoomro

    Business Channel I want to help achieve the goal

    Hello Milano. Welcome to Tubebuddy community forum. Tech channels have good search volume. If you keep uploading videos, you will achieve your milestones in no time. All the best.
  10. jawadsoomro

    Vlog Channel Revealing myself and goals.

    Hey Cheenaylo. Welcome to tubebuddy community. Your channel is doing great. So many views and subs. Wow. Keep it up!
  11. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Help Copyright Video monetization ?

    You can't monetize your channel with copyrighted content (whether music or videos or images). Even if you do that, the original owner of the music will earn from the video where you used their material. Not you.
  12. jawadsoomro

    Channel Milestone Subscriber & Views Milestones!

    You hit 9000 views last friday? and 10,000 views today? That's impressive growth. Congratulations! Keep it up!
  13. jawadsoomro

    Gaming Channel Heavy gamer into emulation & quick kills!

    Hello Gamer. Welcome to the Tubebuddy community. You already have 1000 subs. Thats incredible. This means nobody can stop you from growing your channel. All the best.
  14. jawadsoomro


    Are you starting out Adobe InDesign? Or have you already started using Adobe InDesign? Then you should definitely avoid these 10 mistakes to level up your game. Know these mistakes, and learn what you should do instead. Want to know those Mistakes?
  15. jawadsoomro

    Music Channel new to join

    Hello Parv. Welcome to Tubebuddy community forum. I wish you all the best for your YouTube channel.
  16. jawadsoomro

    Music Channel Infinity Mind

    Hello buddy. Welcome to tubebuddy forum. BTW the best strategy to grow on YouTube is to post regularly or weekly. All the best for your channel.
  17. jawadsoomro

    YouTube Question Thumbnail upload on old videos

    In fact, it is encouraged to keep updating your Thumbnails. Make your thumbnails better than before. To get more clicks, keep making them better and better. It won't affect your video ranking. However, if you ever post links of your older videos on social media. The thumbnails would take time to...
  18. jawadsoomro

    End Screen Cards on YouTube Downsized?

    Before End Screens, there were Annotations, that were actually resizable. End screens had always been small. You can actually resize it from your YouTube studio.
  19. jawadsoomro

    Lifestyle Channel Hi TubeBuddies!

    Hello Roma. Welcome to tubebuddy community forum. Now you have started YouTube journey. Keep posting and never give up. 1000 subs waiting for you. All the best.
  20. jawadsoomro

    Vlog Channel @erasmusfamily01

    Hello friend. Welcome to Tubebuddy community. You will definitely become a big youtuber in no time. All the best. Feel free to get advice and suggestions.