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  1. FunkyGeckos

    Channel Milestone 150 views!

    Thank you very much!
  2. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Is this allowed in my YT videos?

    I actually have no idea..
  3. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Is this allowed in my YT videos?

    Depends on licensing. For whatever you use, check if it has any attached information that says "copyright ___" or "to use please contact ___". Usually they will, but if they don't have any information then it's usually a gamble.
  4. FunkyGeckos

    Need Advice Advanced Setting

    Clear cache in browser then reload :)
  5. FunkyGeckos

    Other Social Media So I finally made a Tik Tok

    I'd love to find a way to get into TikTok, but I find it very difficult to get into.
  6. FunkyGeckos

    Other I could finally make my custom URL

    Congrats! Something I am still hoping for one day :)
  7. FunkyGeckos

    Editing Software Photoshop

    It's up to you, but desktop computers tend to have more space available and overall perform better with programs like PS.
  8. FunkyGeckos

    Channel Milestone 150 views!

    Just a start, but it's a good feeling to know that in only a short time the channel already hit a milestone :D
  9. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Which app is best for thumbnail making?

    Picmonkey is excellent! I still stick to using Photoshop, just because it's familiar to me but Picmonkey is like Photoshop Lite. Super easy.
  10. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Help Motivation (EVERYBODY READ THIS)

    I think I needed to see this. I been grinding it out lately and I haven't moved at all from my initial 7 subscribers (which are all friends/family). I know I am making good content and I believe that eventually I'll make something that will catch on. Animal niches are hard to break into...
  11. FunkyGeckos

    Music Channel need to be viral

    It takes a lot of hard work to become "viral". If you keep at it and hit the right niches, you may have a chance! Good luck and welcome :)
  12. FunkyGeckos

    Need Advice Video Ideas

    Perhaps try to do a Q&A?
  13. FunkyGeckos

    TubeBuddy Don't self promote yourself!

    To add, even if someone does sub due to Sub4Sub, it's not a genuine sub. They subbed to you because they wanted numbers back, not because they liked your content. They will likely unsub at some point and it's a guarantee they will never watch, like, or comment on your content.
  14. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question How do YouTube creators feel about Clubhouse?

    Actually had no idea what this was until seeing this post. I like the idea. I don't really think it will hurt YouTubers to be honest. I think if anything, it will be an additional tool to better engage with your audience. It could be useful for Q&A's.
  15. FunkyGeckos

    Subscriber Milestone 45!

    That is awesome! I see you're now at 63! Road to 100 :)
  16. FunkyGeckos

    Other Spam in profile posts

    It's a shame the lengths people will go :/
  17. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Who is facing the January slump?

    As a new channel, it's difficult trying to get myself launched but I am just sticking to consistent uploads and using social media as a way to promote :)
  18. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Location field - does it matter?

    You gotta use it strategically I'd imagine. If you're just sitting in your house, no point. If you're traveling somewhere that is a hot destination, it's good to tag it.
  19. FunkyGeckos

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I used to post little clips of my animals on Facebook and a lot of people starting telling me I should turn it into a YT channel so I took the advice and here I am!