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  1. nate polmateer

    YouTube Tips Shorts... What are you doing with them?

    Great question! For me I am experimenting with my shorts. So I am posting a short every day, but it is revamped video from my previous videos. Many of my videos have a do these three things or these 6 tips format. So I'll break a long form video down into 7 short videos for example. I have been...
  2. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question NICHE DOWN

    Yeah I totally see what you are saying. I am trying to balance this between what my ideal viewer wants and what I would like to create. I enjoy making videos I was just struggling with niche. But I think I may have gotten in my head that doing one specific thing will help launch my channel...
  3. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question NICHE DOWN

    Thanks for the response super helpful!
  4. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question NICHE DOWN

    I have to say this is the best thought-out response I have gotten to this question! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out. And thank you for pointing out what I should know right? I shouldn't compare myself and I should be patient with the process. Thanks again for bringing...
  5. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question NICHE DOWN

    I have a finance channel and cover personal finance, investing and crypto. I see other channels in my area that are larger, and yes I know I shouldn't compare. But, they balance these topics well. And I am trying to balance them but just trying to get traction seems to be difficult. Is there a...
  6. nate polmateer

    Need Advice Best time to post for summer - (based on our channel) Need help!

    Love your input on this, in the grand scheme looking back it'll be fine :)
  7. nate polmateer

    Need Advice Best time to post for summer - (based on our channel) Need help!

    A friend of mine I work with, in Real Life has a channel with 200k Subs and has been doing YT for 6 years. He said Summer is the worst time and even he has to remind himself that the fall and winter are when views really come in. I would say deducing from what he has said and he has way more...
  8. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question Shadow ban on channel?

    Scary, and yes it exists I have seen it happen for some of the more political channels or current news-type channels. Their views go from millions to thousands.
  9. nate polmateer

    Need Advice Using Google Ads to gain views

    I have heard people say set up a series of videos on whatever topic. Then create one video that is under 90 seconds and use that video to drive the audience toward the series that you created. I have a credit from google ads for 150.00 I may use it once I get to 500 subs and then drive my...
  10. nate polmateer

    YouTube Question Video Uploads Consistency

    I am currently just switching to two a week for the past three weeks. I am going to try this until September and reassess it.
  11. nate polmateer

    Need Advice Who do u guys tell about your channels?

    Yeah, this makes sense. The only reason I hesitated at first was that I am a financial channel and I am transparent about all of our finances. Although it's been three months and no one has really said anything about it lol.
  12. nate polmateer

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Super detailed and super helpful thanks Andrew!
  13. nate polmateer

    Opinion Want to grow your channel fast?

    Keyword explorer... If you use this and this alone you'll be ahead of the game. :)
  14. nate polmateer

    Need Advice POSTING and Challenges?

    You know I never really thought of those mini clips, that's a Great Idea! Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. nate polmateer

    Opinion Want to grow your channel fast?

    Blake and Nimmin are two of my favourite creators in that space! Annie Dube is also a good one to follow in that niche.
  16. nate polmateer

    TubeBuddy Tips What is your channel's value proposition?

    My Youtube Channel is for Young Families who want/need financial and money guidance, my youtube videos provide well thought out, experienced and simplified directions for personal finance, investing and budgeting.
  17. nate polmateer

    What's the average time you can reach 1k subscribers?

    My goal is more to have people that will come back to watch my content and enjoy my personality and my quirkyness. I want to reach families and people my age and journey together. All that being said for me it's about that not about 1k subs. I would say don't focus on your sub count. Focus on...
  18. nate polmateer

    Editing Software Sharing a free subtitle editor that we use

    Wow, this is great, I wonder how much more traffic you would get by adding Korean or Japanese subtitles?
  19. nate polmateer

    Gear Question Are you a Mac, or a PC?

    I just got the Minin M1 as well the only thing I don't like is that FCPX is distorted on my giant 32" screen no matter how much I adjust the settings. So I cant see the audio very well. I tried using adobe because I have a sub for it still and it works fine, something with FCPX I have to figure...