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  1. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Help 2 faces on screen interview

    Hello, I want to interview someone via Zoom and I want to post and have both of our faces on the screen. I want to have an image behind us… not as individuals but behind our squares which have our faces. Thanks all who can help.
  2. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Tips Review of Songs

    I am thinking about starting another channel. On this channel will be original content. But I also MiGHT want to do song reviews where I play the song. I know I won’t get any revenue for those specific videos, but what about for my entire channel and other videos that don’t have the songs?
  3. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Help Video without showing face

    Yes, pics , gifs, clips, that relate to the topic as he is talking images appear...kind if like what this guy does with his voice over transitions still and video images...I just don't know how create this type of video...what program could he be using.
  4. TheLyricSnitch

    Forum News 4 Years of Forums Giveaway!

    My fav tool is the ability to see stats on my phone and respond to comments. I also like to see other peoples stats wnen I go to their channels.
  5. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Help Video without showing face

    My husband wants to make an informational/commentary channel, but he does not want to show his face. He wants to use rolling clips of pictures as he is talking. But I don't know how to make it. Any suggestions?
  6. TheLyricSnitch

    Educational Channel Hello Everyone :) I’d like to introduce my channel!

    Let's start off with your thumbnails are great! Your intro is great! Your green screen is flawless! And even before you opened your mouth, I said, she is just so positive and then you said "Positive Possey"...I'm just starting out, so I don't have much to offer, but I will say that I think you...
  7. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Question How often do you publish vids?

    I heard that once to three times a week is a good combo, of course that is with good content. I just started in Jan. and since the 'Rona, I've been off and really unmotivated...I have the content all written out...anyways, my aim is 1 to 2 videos a week so that I can get 100 videos under my belt.
  8. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Question How does she do it and get paid

    There is a youtuber called SSSniperwolf (something like that), my kids watch her. I think she has a new video every time...at least every time she is on my screen it is new...she does these quirky commentaries on various things...she doesn't have a sponsor or at least she doesn't promote it...
  9. TheLyricSnitch

    Subscriber Milestone 100+ subs

    Yeah for me 100+ subs...bit by bit day by day I am building my community! Its so neat because we are all strangers who have this common interest.
  10. TheLyricSnitch

    Thumbnail Feedback Legal to use celebs face

    I am in a hurry so sorry if this is a question already addressed. I see lots of people using celebs, singers, stars faces in their thumbnail, Ibwant to start doing this too, is it really legal, will I get in trouble. Aldo I have an old post and I don't know how to delete itm
  11. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Tips Intro Video Video Bump Graphic Opener No watermark

    Thanks for both wonderful suggestions
  12. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Tips Intro Video Video Bump Graphic Opener No watermark

    the intro that you show at the beginning of the video
  13. TheLyricSnitch

    TubeBuddy Tips Optimize a YouTube Video for beginners!

    this was so helpful. i changed the order of a few words and went from fair to very good.
  14. TheLyricSnitch

    YouTube Tips Intro Video Video Bump Graphic Opener No watermark

    Is there a FREE way to create an Intro Video that will not require a water mark?
  15. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    This was my first video and the video where I felt like I had missed opportunity...but I am not sure how to interpret this data...I am going to do another video this weekend, probably two and my goal is to put out two a week. I appreciate your comments and input.
  16. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    This was my second video
  17. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    This is for my last video
  18. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    If you tell me where to look to find the CTR on TB or YT I'll post a pic. I explain lyrics to songs...I can make that more prominent in my thumbnail. Also I agree I have to convey how my videos are a help to parents...didnt mean to make it seem like its just about views...i am more saying that...
  19. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    Thank you for the advice...i see everyone elses thumbnails and they kind of look the same and I know mines is very amateur, I don't want to look like everyone elses.
  20. TheLyricSnitch

    Need Advice What am I doing wrong???

    I started Jan 2 I have 31 subs and 2K views I feel like I should have more subs based on the number of views. I am grateful for what I have, but want to optimize more.