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  1. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Exporting multiple tag lists into an excel sheet with current data

    After using Keyword explorer to get a refined title or tag, It would really help make a more efficient process with this request. At least I think, anyone, anyone? What do you do So Here it is - Ability to export multiple tag list or at least one at a time into an excel or google sheet with...
  2. CBDHeadquarters

    Opinion Want to grow your channel fast?

    I'm a newbie and remember having 1-10 subs. I promise anyone who ready this success if they keep at it. Watch the TubeBuddy crew videos, sub to their channels and learn. Each of them are jacked with VALUE. Join their live streams, you never know what you will learn? YT #shorts, channel art...
  3. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Feature Req for "Tag List", can you sort by (search volume etc)

    I love the keyword explorer tool and crafted a great list of some 55 top picks. I want to shave that down to the best performers of course with the 500 char limit. Is there talk for a feature to be able to sort them different ways while displaying their data {Search Volume / Competition /...
  4. CBDHeadquarters

    Opinion MY 2020 S/O to TubeBuddy & Staff

    I just wanted to stop and take a minute to thank TubeBuddy, it's entire staff, forum members for all you did for me and all of us in 2020. It was only March 15th when I started my channel and TubeBuddy has helped me grow despite being a CBD channel who stands many challenges marketing on...
  5. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy TubeBuddy Social Share Features WORKS!!!

    Just wanted to send you all a tried and proven statistic for all you creators using TubeBuddy. The tool I'm talking about today is the social share button we all have. I started using it about a month after signing up and started to see results. This month I have a 120% increase in channel views...
  6. CBDHeadquarters

    Anyone use Adobe premeire & rush? I used to edit this, lmk your thoughts

    Can you get past beginning of clip until the end to see all types of effects I put in this video? Any one like the advanced technology meds use today in this clip? (Inserted to see if light bulb goes off in your head) Heck if they use this today why cant people trust natural remedies? Is the...
  7. CBDHeadquarters

    Premeire & Rush used , wa$ it worth time & Xtra costs?

    5 questions I have & hope I can get feedback on (Unpublished YouTube video) unpublished before I make public. 1) Audio feedback when I talk ok? 2) Thumbnail feedback? (Used TubeBuddy) 3) Title catchy? NO THC! So |'ll pass marijuana test? | CBD Headquarters (Used TubeBuddy) 4) Anyone like the...
  8. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy Anyone having issues with firefox and TubeBuddy?

    So I'm signed in but... Somehow my TubeBuddy tool is missing? Anyone else experience this today? It's usually displaying the widget at top right...
  9. CBDHeadquarters

    Just went Live, Used TubeBuddy to select winners. Please comment

    First I used Keyword explorer to craft a title that pulls weight and should get good views and or watch hours. Then I chose a nice amount of high traffic key tags. During the live stream, I gave a shout out to TubeBuddy, used the tool "Pick a winner" for a few winners about 28 min :30 sec in...
  10. CBDHeadquarters

    Amazon & CBD, or not? Check out this clip and please let me know what you all think?

    Trying to grow so, Negative comments welcome too!!! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNDN5tSfdk8&t=131s
  11. CBDHeadquarters

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    With so much false adds and channels trying to use click bait for views, I just have to ask my community! I'm sure there is more than one answer but I want to know what worked best for your channel and why you think so?
  12. CBDHeadquarters

    Opinion Anyone want to sugest a promo app they used?

    Wondering if anyone used GLEAM.IO to promo a video they have or had up to gain subs? All comments welcome , sshh I'm a newbie
  13. CBDHeadquarters

    Thumbnail Feedback Channel thumbnail, ok to publish?

    Finally got around to reworking the channel banner. It's not live right now... Please comment & let me know what you think or see I overlooked. I would be happy to do the same for you! Write or reply "GTP" if you feel its good to publish :cool:
  14. CBDHeadquarters

    Hello All, finally got webcam during covid 1st live video for channel

    So 2+ months of waiting for a damn cam... Fianlly I have a chance now to start streaming & making live clips. It took a lot of adobe premeire and rush back and forth for me as a first timer/newbie so I'm cool with all the narsty comments. Either way I want to improve so please holla on... Let...
  15. CBDHeadquarters

    Answered Anyone having issues with desktop version of tubebuddy not performing "SEO STUDIO"

    Cant seem to use the "SEO STUDIO" tool anymore, is there a known issue?
  16. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy channel reviews for youtube

    Saw an email come in earlier about a channel review, used search to find it after combing thru posts and wasnt able to find. Heck for $19 to get started wanted to find out. More comments the better for me. TubeBuddy tolls are great and I'm using the heck out of them, forum members comment(s)...
  17. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Channel Keyword tool?

    Is there any useful tools in works or development to crawl our YouTube channel and generate most relevant keywords? Think this would help us gain more long term and short exposure translating into obvi more views etc... Reason I ask is there is a limit and it is tolling to task just like tags...
  18. CBDHeadquarters

    Answered badge question

    submitted the screenshots twice and still no answer. The other day I msgd but didn't see any reply is there something I overlooked or did wrong?
  19. CBDHeadquarters

    TubeBuddy Suggestion #Hashtag generator for our youtube channels?

    I played around and use the keyword tool. Any talks about creating us a hashtags tool we can use for our YouTube Channel's? Say something that crawls our channel and recommends best hashtags we should use and then a button to apply to all descriptions? If not are there any recommended ones...
  20. CBDHeadquarters

    Channel Milestone Hit 40,000+ views in less than 30 days thanks to these helpful tools.

    Now working my single sub to a 1500 subscriber goal. Please feel free to comment so I can improve.