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  1. Sanjogita

    YouTube Help Youtube keywords

    Hi, How to find out best youtube keywords for the channel ? Thanks Sanjogita
  2. Sanjogita

    Answered How to get connected with the creator the free one month up gradation

    I have completed my first level in 2021 but still don't received one free month upgrade.
  3. Sanjogita

    YouTube Help Despite for using every strategy ... I'm unable to get views, like; that I think I deserve

    Hello Everyone, I tried every strategy, like focusing on thumbnails, uploading frequently , focusing on quality of videos. But i am unable to get views, likes. I am fed up seriously. What should I do ? Thanks in advance
  4. Sanjogita

    TubeBuddy Tips Video Optimisation

    Hello, How to use tubebuddy for video optimisation ? Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  5. Sanjogita

    YouTube Tips How to improve watch hours ?

    Hello Everyone ! There are time when watch hour totally get stucked. I am facing the same right now. My watch hours are still the same and don't know, what should I do ? What all is lacking ?
  6. Sanjogita

    Question How much time it will take to unlock promotion thread ?

    Hi I have shared the screenshot as desired to unlock promotional thread but don't know how much time it will take to get unlocked ? and I even don't know that I have shared the right one or not ?
  7. Sanjogita

    YouTube Tips What should be kept in mind while adding end screen Element ?

    Hello Everyone What are the tips to keep in mind while adding end screen elements in a video ?
  8. Sanjogita

    YouTube Help Is there any option to edit in live streaming ?

    Hello, Can we edit live streaming videos before publishing ? Thank you in advance
  9. Sanjogita

    YouTube Question Do live streams help in monetisation ?

    Hello Everyone Do the views gained by live streams helps in monetisation ? Thank you in advance
  10. Sanjogita

    YouTube Tips How to find out competitors ?

    Hey Tubebuddies, Can anyone please help me, how to find out competitors ? Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  11. Sanjogita

    YouTube Question Views gained by shorts included for the monetization or not

    Hey tubebuddies, Do views gained by shorts included in the monetization ?
  12. Sanjogita

    YouTube Question Key factors for shorts

    Hey Guys Can you please let me know the key factor to take into consideration while making shorts ? Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  13. Sanjogita

    YouTube Help Do we really need to have our copyright policy ?

    Hello Tubebuddies, Do we need to frame our copyright policy ? What actually is the purpose of a copyright? Waiting for your positive responses. Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  14. Sanjogita

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tags should be in Hindi too

    Hey Tubebuddies, I think there should be an option for tags in Hindi too. Because there are many in India, in fact 90% who use Hindi as the main language while making an youtube video. Thank you in advance
  15. Sanjogita

    Mobile Gear Which one to choose an iphone or an android ?

    Hello Tubebuddies, People usually advise me to purchage an iphone for better video clearity. Is it so ? Do I need to purchage an iphone ? Right now I am using an andriod and I am shooting my videos with my phone only. Looking forward to hear from you Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  16. Sanjogita

    Thumbnail Feedback Key point to make a thumbnails

    Hello Tubebuddies, Can anyone suggest me the key points of thumbnails that one should keep in mind ? Looking forward for your favourable responses. Thank you in advance Sanjogita
  17. Sanjogita

    YouTube SEO Why SEO is important

    Hello Everyone, I am not a technical person & don't have any idea about SEO. Can anyone let me know, what exactly is SEO & why SEO is important ? Thank you in advance
  18. Sanjogita

    Vlog Channel Kashirkoor Sanjogita (Kashmiri Pandit Girl)

    User name: Sanjogita Title of introduction: Kashirkoor Sanjogita (Kashmiri Pandit Girl) Your name/ Alias: Sanjogita Where are you from? India How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Tubebuddy has a valuable pool of information .I am a youtubber (begginer)...
  19. Sanjogita

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    Hello Tubebuddy family, Can anyone suggestion the best software/apps for video editing (free and paid) ? Thank you in advance Sanjogita !