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  1. Bigjesticles35

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest guitar cover!
  2. Bigjesticles35

    Answered Can't post to Promotion Area

    Yes its working now! Thankyou!
  3. Bigjesticles35

    Answered Can't post to Promotion Area

    I have my badge and 20 posts but its still saying insufficient privileges. Can you please help?
  4. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    Thankyou everyone for your replies. I'm glad to hear this is a common experience when first starting and appreciate the tips on how to overcome it :)
  5. Bigjesticles35

    Gear Question Are you a Mac, or a PC?

    Mac all the way for me!
  6. Bigjesticles35

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    Cannon 600D and Samsung S9
  7. Bigjesticles35

    Channel Milestone 3500 views

    Well done. That's a good view count for 70 subs. Building a loyal following.
  8. Bigjesticles35

    Need Advice quality or quantity?

    This is my struggle. Focusing to much on quality can give rise to perfectionism and ultimately not creating anything. A good balance between quality and quantity is key i think.
  9. Bigjesticles35

    TubeBuddy Tips Optimize a YouTube Video for beginners!

    Thankyou! I learnt alot from this. The keyword tool is very useful
  10. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Oooh i had no idea about incognito mode! Thanks!
  11. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    This!!! I am an introvert also and the struggle between wanting to create and share but also not draw attention to myself is real. Nice to hear others also feel this way and push through. Thanks so much for your reply. Sounds like this kind of apprehension is pretty commonand often we fear the...
  12. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new at this but have been wanting to do youtube for a while. I often see people say they are concerned about the possible hate they may get on their channel, negative comments ect from the public but what I often don't see is people discussing how they feel about...
  13. Bigjesticles35

    Audio Gear I am looking for a good microphone for singing

    Hey there, I am also a vocalist and I used to have a Rode NT1A and I really didn't like it. Even though it is a very popular mic for the entry level price it is very harsh for a female voice. I used to find the SM58 sounded better even though it is a dynamic mic. I have since bought a SM7B and...
  14. Bigjesticles35

    Video Review Would you give me advice on the Thumbnail and whether you find the video entertaining

    Hi Jenny, I am only just starting starting out myself so my feedback is mainly from a viewers perspective. The image on your thumbnail is great. Its high quality and a positive eye capturing image but it's impact kind of gets lost by the fact that the thumbnail is so busy. As others have...
  15. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    I just saw on Twitter people are having problems viewing videos on YT. Issues with slow loading times and buffering, this could account for lower views.
  16. Bigjesticles35

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    How did you find us at TubeBuddy? Some of the music channels I follow and am inspired by mentioned that they used it and then I noticed that a few small youtubers were promoting it on Twitter also. Were you searching, watching videos, etc? After I noticed these other channels and Twitter...
  17. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Youtube copyright claims

    I wonder this too. I am also a musician who does covers and I get a copyright claim for most videos. However I am not monetized as yet so if you get an answer to this question I would also like to know!
  18. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    I have also noticed this but didn't link it to the election. Everyone is probably glued to the TV and Twitter rather than youtube.
  19. Bigjesticles35

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I have been a musician for 22 years and as female have had enormous difficulty with being taken seriously by my peers and being able to form bands. As a consequence I struggled alot with confidence. So I finally decided to stop relying upon other people and to start working on using my skills to...