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  1. canterlot

    Gaming Channel i am a youtuber gaming iwant to play games

    By the way, a year later I found an interesting fact about sports betting. I once did it and now I was able to earn some bonuses through betting and decided to create club comic books. I used the comic maker from https://www.storyboardthat.com/comic-maker and plan to continue to do an issue for...
  2. canterlot

    YouTube Question silly question about kids channels

    All advertisements in the YouTube Kids app must comply with the requirements outlined below, as well as the general rules for advertising on YouTube. The rules change from time to time, so I advise advertisers to review them periodically. Applicable laws and regulations, including industry and...
  3. canterlot

    Gaming Channel Stream slots

    Perhaps soon enough, the term "crypto-gaming" will be on everyone's lips. Even now, news about the successful symbiosis of blockchain technology and computer games is sometimes flashed. And while we wait for Death Stranding and Cyberpunk, the real revolution is brewing next to us. Or maybe not.
  4. canterlot

    Life Let's talk about the weather

    I love spring, as it's the time of year when it's neither cold nor hot, and the rains bring freshness to the outdoors.
  5. canterlot

    Gaming Channel i am a youtuber gaming iwant to play games

    You can not even imagine that each game presented will have its own dealer. It's much cooler than having one for several games that are similar in sports theme to each other. I like to bet more on basketball. This American basketball league uses a three-tiered tournament method: preseason games...