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  1. Anthony Miyazaki

    YouTube Question I post daily videos on youtube however not getting regular subscriber what should i do, please suggest me..

    Laxmi, I noticed that all your titles and tags are in English, but it seems that much (most?) of your video is in Hindi. I've seen many Hindi videos that put their titles in Hindi and English. You might consider having some of your tags in Hindi as well. Just a thought to reach an audience...
  2. Anthony Miyazaki

    YouTube Question Question about posting frequency .....

    Everyone says that you need to post "regularly" but posting solid content works just as well. In fact, regular content that isn't desired by others won't do anything positive. I like Damon's balance between quality/value (I see these as similar) versus frequency.
  3. Anthony Miyazaki

    YouTube Opinion Oberservation about pattern of views .......

    YouTube Shorts are a strange creature due to how people view them. It's like Instagram reels where they get started on one topic and then shortly (no pun intended) get sucked into another topic until after about 10-15 reels/shorts/etc., they're far from where they started. They move so quickly...
  4. Anthony Miyazaki

    Other Can I create bank statements to get loan?

    People get convicted of this and receive prison time in the US. No, don't do this.
  5. Anthony Miyazaki

    Thumbnail Feedback Do you like this thumbnail on junk journal?

    I agree with the two comments above. An easier-to-read font plus just one picture. One more thing Sumi, I noticed that some of my (admittedly lame) thumbnails have words near the bottom right where the length of video numbers are placed by YouTube at times. This means my words are covered up...
  6. Anthony Miyazaki

    Other Social Media Webtalk for YouTube promotion

    Stephen, Could you tell us about it a bit so we know how it works and what it could do for us? Thanks, Anthony
  7. Anthony Miyazaki

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    More great work. Great combo of VO, music, and visuals.
  8. Anthony Miyazaki

    Gaming Channel Hi Everyone.

    Same here, and I've been at this for along time. I just need to get on the ball and get that intro video done.
  9. Anthony Miyazaki

    YouTube Help YT Tip to add pinned comment on scheduled post

    Brilliant idea Tim. (Or should I be saying, Tito Tim?) Also, it looks like you have a great channel. I've been pondering a trip to the Philippines sometime soon, and I'm thinking I'll learn a lot from your videos.
  10. Anthony Miyazaki

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Why are you doing this to us? Now I have a strong yearning for apple cobbler! :) I really like the way you're filming this, editing, and doing the voiceover. Excellent work that's sure to grow your channel. Great work!
  11. Anthony Miyazaki

    YouTube Question Question about video tags ..

    I agree with what you're saying, but I wouldn't discount tags too much in that they also help with where YouTube places your video so that algorithm can do its magic. Some videos with limited speaking will have very little (or no) transcription (words on the screen aren't "read" by the system)...
  12. Anthony Miyazaki

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Wow! $2.8 million asking price! Guess I'd better work on some extra income sources. Great video
  13. Anthony Miyazaki

    Need Advice YouTube ads to promote videos?

    Hi Matt, Great commentary and questions. Let me see if I can answer some (before I get back to writing a voiceover script). I've only used advertising minimally for my channel and with mixed results. I occasionally will "prime" a video with a few dollars (as in $2 or$3) to gain a few hundred...
  14. Anthony Miyazaki

    Need Advice YouTube ads to promote videos?

    I have a great deal of experience running various types of Google ads, including those that appear on YouTube as in-stream (often the ones you try to click away from after 5 seconds), in-feed (the ones you see in the upper right corner if you're on a desktop/laptop and under your video if you're...
  15. Anthony Miyazaki

    Educational Channel DEEPMANCH 2020

    Oops! I said your name as Maharashtra instead of Patil. I apologize!!
  16. Anthony Miyazaki

    Educational Channel DEEPMANCH 2020

    Brilliant artwork Maharashtra (I watched the Imaginary Landscape video). And congratulations on surpassing the magical 1,000 subscribers! I would suggest a few things to help you get more views: 1. Expand your titles. "Imaginary Landscape" is probably quite low in searches. But if you added...
  17. Anthony Miyazaki

    Affiliate Question READ FIRST if You're a New Affiliate or New to the Affiliate Forum?

    I signed up for the affiliate program, but just wanted to verify my affiliate URL prior to sharing it with my audiences. I've scoured the TubeBuddy website but can't find where it's located. Could someone help a newbie out with this please? Many thanks! Anthony
  18. Anthony Miyazaki

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Revisioned this animation of the Top 10 Websites over the past 30 years: View: https://youtu.be/gFM9eUpJy3A
  19. Anthony Miyazaki

    Do you love vintage junk journal videos? CHECK OUT MY LATEST UPLOAD

    Wow! That's a LOT of work that went into making that journal. Solid video as well. Nice work Sumi. And an excellent channel. Best wishes for continued YouTube growth. Anthony
  20. Anthony Miyazaki

    TubeBuddy Trusted User

    Scratch that question of mine. I noticed after posting it that I also have that signature line now. LOL