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  1. Ltsrcktechies

    Here`s One Of My Latest Uploads Lets Connect!

    Hi Everyone This is one of my newest video uploads This video presentation i made for a friend of mine who works at this university. he wanted me to design their University Medical Laboratory for renovation. Thanks for watching! :D And Also Pls like the video and if your not subscribe yet...
  2. Ltsrcktechies

    Opinion Discovered Something in TubeBuddy You Dont Know!

    If you know this your i salute you! I discover that when putting an URL in Signature and deleting it and replacing it with something else in my case i use smile emoticon you can still access the URL you pasted.. You Dont believe me? Click The Smile Emoticon TRY it your self :D
  3. Ltsrcktechies

    Other Need Help! How Can i Get one of this? And How mine say Error?

    how can i get one of this? under my post? and what you call this? :D New MEMBER here..
  4. Ltsrcktechies

    Movies/TV What`s Your Reaction to the Netflix New Release Kingdom Ashin of then North

    Me personally was hoping for the next episode of the release :D i thought it was season 3 already :D, But i was mistaken Overall it was A nice Back Story Line, But the tiger was a 1000 years old yet its skin and movement didn't look a though sand year old zombified tiger
  5. Ltsrcktechies

    Declined To Be Able To Post Your YouTube Videos in Your TubeBuddy Profile Like A Resume

    Hi im New here. Dont know if this topic already being posted or being implement by the management. thanks and more powers...
  6. Ltsrcktechies

    How-To Channel SketchUp 3D Interior Designer

    User name: Ltsrcktechies Title of introduction: SketchUp 3D Interior Designer Your name/ Alias: Anbu Sketch Where are you from? Philippines How did you find TubeBuddy? A Youtuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Search Engine What would you like to accomplish with your channel: To...