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  1. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    Is it usual to be inundated with sub for sub type stuff when you’re a new channel? I have a constant let’s be friends, I subbed to you please return the favour. New friend hope you’ll do the same. It’s really stressing me out. I’m thinking I should just ignore them. There is so much of this on...
  2. TakeEachDay

    Channel Milestone 3000 views

    Yes this is small potatoes but Im stoked people are even watching my stuff lol. It keeps me motivated. Just needed to share my happiness
  3. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Question Fluctuations in subscribers

    Hi there I’m relatively new to YouTube and only recently made my 100 subs. What I have found just recently is my subscribers found will go up one one second then five minutes later that sub is gone it happens over and over again over past couple of weeks. Why does this happen. I don’t really get...
  4. TakeEachDay

    TubeBuddy Thanks for help

    I just want to put it out there. I have been on TubeBuddy for a couple of weeks and I want to say what a fantastic helpful community this is. I have made huge changes to my channel, thanks to the amazing advice, support and kindness found here on these forums. I have found my direction and was...
  5. TakeEachDay

    Camera Gear Go pro attachments

    We have a go pro and would love to start Incorporating it in our active videos of kayaking and horse riding to name a few. Those who have them what attachments could you not do with out and some tips and what perhaps was a waste of money. I often find the audio is a little dodgey. We have a go...
  6. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Question Spammers

    How do spammers find you on YouTube I seem to be getting a lot. The worst thing is I have limited features to stop them as I’m using mobile versions. How do you pick a spammer and what can I do given previous info. I’m feeling like I’ve been targeted atm. I’m wondering as it seems there are more...
  7. TakeEachDay

    Subscriber Milestone 110 subscribers

    Yes this is a small amount but each of those subscribers are the most important people in my world. I appreciate each and everyone of them.
  8. TakeEachDay

    Gear Advice MacBook pro

    I use iPad and iPhone for everything so my problem is the fact that I cannot access all the features using straight website. Will I have the same problem with a Mac book laptop or can I access website easily from this or will the laptop keep reverting to the app. I’m an apple girl so it was...
  9. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Opinion Harassed to collaborate

    I have had someone harassing me to collaborate now I’m all for collaboration but I want to do it with channels similar to mine. This person is not a channel I’d subscribe to. Do people subscribe to your channel then ask to collaborate to get more subscribers. Is that a thing. I’m sure this is...
  10. TakeEachDay

    TubeBuddy How come video are showing private

    Some of my older videos are showing up as private on TubeBuddy which is preventing me from optimising them as I would like. They are not private on my YouTube channel can someone shed some light on this or how it can be rectified. Thanks
  11. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Question Why collaborate

    I see a lot of posts about collaboration and have also been asked. I don’t really get it and why. I want to know the good, bad and the ugly on collaboration and the purpose. Has it helped your channel. Is it worth smaller channels collaborating together. Are there such things as bad...
  12. TakeEachDay

    Channel Milestone 2500 views

    Have finally made the 2500 views milestone I’m so happy
  13. TakeEachDay

    Thumbnail Feedback Constructive criticism

    I’m wanting to change up my thumbnails but I like the colour scheme would you click on these or are they just showing too much information. Thumbnails are hard work to get right and I do get a reasonable click rate just what would you do differently. I’m a bit of a sook when it comes to critique...
  14. TakeEachDay

    Need Advice Title length

    Just wondering as I’ve heard conflicting views. Titles of videos, should they be short sharp and sweet or should they have a lot of keywords in them. What has worked for you and why
  15. TakeEachDay

    Answered Why is my link to YouTube faded

    At the bottom of my responses to questions etc is the link to my YouTube page and subscriber number. This may be a silly question but mine is faded and unnoticed everyone else’s is bright red. Is this because it’s mine or does it mean you can’t click on it from here is it locked to others. I...
  16. TakeEachDay

    Gear Question Laptop for editing

    I am wondering if someone could give me some advice on laptops that are super fast and give good quality video from editing. I’m not ok with buying run of the mill comps as I’ve had nothing but trouble from mainstream ones. Please don’t say HP they were the worst I ever owned. I want one that...
  17. TakeEachDay

    YouTube Question Direction change

    How many new channels have started doing content on one thing the. Decided on another. Is it normal for new channels to play with content to see what works. As a fledgling channel. I have heaps of ideas for content but I’m wondering how you stop being all over the place and just pick something...
  18. TakeEachDay

    Subscriber Milestone 100 subscribers

    I know this seems lame but I feel so happy we even met this milestone. I’m so grateful to all my subscribers. I didn’t really start youtube for subscribers but merely to get out there that you can be adventurous despite challenges of autism. I started for my son and our channel is going to...
  19. TakeEachDay

    Vlog Channel We get out, horse riding, kayaking and explore our world making fun projects and preparing to travel Australia

    User name: TakeEachDay Title of introduction: Neurodiverse channel Your name/ Alias: Kazza51 Where are you from? Australia How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube recommendations Nick Nimmin What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I like to hear what others you tubers do or have problems with and...