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  1. MattCommand1

    YouTube Tips Reasons to Classify and "Private" Videos from Your Library

    I thought the people who have over 100 videos might be interested in this video by Nate Black of Channelmakers. He explains his perspective to classify videos but also to "Private" certain videos that don't serve you. As you journey forward, you might have some oddball videos that might not...
  2. MattCommand1

    YouTube Resources Vidsummit 2022 Replays

    I wasn't able to justify going to Vidsummit 2022 this year but with Vidsummit 2023 being in Dallas, I am much more optimistic in attending in person. There were a lot of speakers I wanted to hear from VS2022. So I bought the VS2022 replays. I know $200 is a lot of money people for people to...
  3. MattCommand1

    YouTube News BREAKING: YouTube Shorts Monetization Early Announcement for 2023!

    Here are the top points being announced for 2023: YPP eligible with 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views in the last 90 days (yikes!). 45% Ad revenue share for creators. Super Thanks coming to Shorts. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/coez1I0h5qw
  4. MattCommand1

    YouTube Opinion The Video Essays Phenomena (Super long-form content)

    I've been hearing seemingly conflicting views to grow your channel. Of course, as all things YT, context matters. On one hand, there is the generally accepted idea that we need to produce more content to have a bigger library. On the other hand, there are some people like FilmBooth and Mark...
  5. MattCommand1

    YouTube News YouTube Faster Playback Times = Time Saved

    From this new article, https://variety.com/2022/digital/news/youtube-faster-playback-speeds-time-saved-1235350845/ This is some of the excerpts... The video giant first introduced features in 2010 to allow users to control just how quickly or slowly they want to watch content. As you might...
  6. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Adsense revenue from YT Shorts

    I just discovered in my analytics that Shorts generates adsense revenue for a monetized channel. I saw one of my shorts generate $0.06 revenue off of 2 views at a CPM of $112. I didn't think any of my Shorts could generate adsense revenue for me. I might have to make a couple more Shorts to...
  7. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Watermarks coming to YouTube Shorts

    This was inevitable. Watermarks are coming to YouTube Shorts similar to how TikTok watermarks downloaded videos. This is going to happen on desktop version first, then mobile. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/139221507?hl=en&msgid=175557394
  8. MattCommand1

    YouTube Tips Brand New Official Video on "Search & Discovery"

    This new video from "YouTube Creators" is a must-watch whether you are a beginner or experienced YouTuber. This is probably the best video I've seen that easily answers so many questions regarding Search & Discovery. Beginners absolutely need to watch this video. Going forward, I am going to...
  9. MattCommand1

    Instagram Instagram combining videos & Reels into one tab

    I am not sure if this is good news or not but it will certainly make things simpler on Instagram. Instagram has announced that all videos under 15 will be shared as Reels. However, only videos under 90-seconds will be part of the Discovery system. Essentially, to maximize IG, make videos less...
  10. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Copycatters & Aggregators Will Take Back Seat to Original Creators

    It seems that Instagram has wisely decided that creators that post original content (vs. those who assemble other people's works or do reposts) will be de-prioritized. In fact, IG is deprioritizing any TikTok reposts in a similar move that YT Shorts are doing. In other words, IG wants to take...
  11. MattCommand1

    YouTube News TikTok is Rivaling Google Search

    The below came from "The Hustle" newsletter which I subscribe to.... It is both interesting and startling. Prabhakar Raghavan just dropped one helluva doozy. At a conference last week in Colorado, the Google SVP revealed that “almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for...
  12. MattCommand1

    YouTube Opinion YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok vs. Instagram Reels

    This short video that attempted to tackle the subtle differences between YT Shorts, TT, and Reels. I wished there was a longer version because it was interesting to hear the different creators on their take. Most of the creators skewed younger but still interesting nonetheless. A lot of people...
  13. MattCommand1

    YouTube Opinion Why are there so many people who choose gaming for YT?

    I have to ask... Why do so many people choose gaming as their genre for YouTube? It seems like one of the worst genre's on YT to get into due to the overwhelming competition. There seems to oceans of gaming channels and they kind of look alike to me. I like PC strategy games and I've kicked...
  14. MattCommand1

    YouTube Opinion There is a future & place for YouTube Shorts

    Like many of you, I have been resistant to YT Shorts because I see YT Shorts = TikTok. I hate all the goofy, gimmicky, prankster, loud music, stunt-oriented, shallow, juvenile content that seemed to cater to the Z-generation, teens, and pre-teens. However, I recently encountered a TikTok...
  15. MattCommand1

    Channel Milestone 100K views, phew!

    Boy, have I been waiting for this one. I wasn't sure when I would get this guy. 100K views is an important milestone for me. The next 100K should be much faster. Onwards to 1 million views.
  16. MattCommand1

    YouTube SEO SEO impact of Community tab posts?

    I have a question for creators with over 500 subscribers. I recently crossed over 500 subscribers and have the Community tab available to me. I am looking to make some posts to stimulate engagement and keep in touch with my subscribers a bit more. First, I would like to hear what people do...
  17. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Insightful Mr. Beast article in Rolling Stone

    I came across this recent Rolling Stone article about Mr. Beast. It is kind of a mini-biography piece but also delves into his drive, motivations, and outlook on life and YouTube. Without giving too much away, it seems one reason for his success is his single-mindedness and somewhat compulsive...
  18. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Police blaring copyrighted music to prevent users from uploading videos to YouTube

    More and more police are using a controversial strategy so that video uploads to YouTube about the police are NOT successful. Essentially, most people know that YT has very aggressive measures to detect copyright violations. More and more police are blaring loud copyrighted music so that if...
  19. MattCommand1

    YouTube News YouTube shorts thumbnails are entirely gone now

    I am not sure anyone noticed but the thumbnails that used to appear on desktop version of Youtube Shorts has been entirely done away with. We used to be able to display thumbnails for Shorts videos on the desktop version but not anymore. For channels that have mixed content, the lack of...
  20. MattCommand1

    YouTube News Google not allowing monetization of certain Ukraine war videos

    I received an email from the Google Help Community allegedly written by Conor, a Google employee, regarding monetization policies of Ukraine war videos. From what I can tell, the source and original email look legitimate. I am cutting and pasting the content here. Essentially, there are...