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  1. Gary L

    YouTube Help 1042-S

    I received a 1042-S form from US IRS. I believe this is for the withholding tax for my YouTube monetization for non-US citizens. I am not sure what I should do with it or if this is just for my info. Any ideas?
  2. Gary L

    YouTube Help Watch time from subscribers vs non-subs

    My watch time for subscribers to non-subscribers is 3% : 97% (sorry for the earlier typing error. I've edited the numbers. 3% are from subscribers) I am not sure what the average should be but 3% sounds low. I read somewhere that this means I am not providing enough value for viewers to...
  3. Gary L

    YouTube Question Subscriber count stopped counting

    My subscriber count stopped counting on Fri. Subscriber count for the last 2 days (Sat and Sun) are not reflected in YouTube studio. It's the same viewing from my PC and mobile. Anyone else has the same issue?
  4. Gary L

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Upload Scheduling

    Hi I upload a few videos at a time and schedule them. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of the recently published dates and would continue my last uploads from those dates. In the "schedule" section during upload, it would be nice to have a calendar or list of my last few uploads so that I...
  5. Gary L

    Video Research YouTube Channel + website

    There are cooking channels (and other types of channels as well) where the content creator directs you to their website for the written recipe. Wouldn't it be easier for the viewer if the recipe is in the description instead? Many tech reviewers also have their web links in the description. How...
  6. Gary L

    YouTube Opinion Sub4sub

    A few months back, I had several sub4sub requests which I did not entertain. These were small channels like mine with less than 300 subs. 2 months later, these channels have been monetized with 2K-3k+ subs. And I am still at 200+ subs. I know I should not play this sub4sub game but it's...
  7. Gary L

    Need Advice Multiple Channels Monetization

    If I have more than 1 channel, does YouTube aggregate all subs and watch hours from all channels and apply them as a total to the monetization criteria? i.e. does Youtube monetize each channel separately or monetize the creator?
  8. Gary L

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Monetization progress

    For those of us who want to monetize our channel, it would be nice to have a progress bar or report/chart on how much we have achieved so far and how much more we have to go. For example, 300 subs with 700 more to go. Based on the current rate of growth, gave an estimate on when the channel...
  9. Gary L

    Need Advice Analytics - data averages

    In Analytics, the see numbers for: -Impressions -Impressions click-through rate -Views from impressions -Average view duration -etc... But these are stand-alone numbers. There are no other numbers to compare them to. Therefore, I do not know how well I am doing and my areas of improvements...
  10. Gary L

    Answered Keyword Explorer What's Trends

    The Keyword Explorer What's Trending gives you the top but general trends for your chosen country. I have s cooking/recipe channel. How do I find trends that are related to my channel?
  11. Gary L

    TubeBuddy Grammatically incorrect title

    Hi, I am new here. In Keyword Explorer, "Smoked Paprika Chicken Oven" scores Good while, "Oven-baked Smoked Paprika Chicken" scores Fair. But, "Smoked Paprika Chicken Oven" is not grammatically correct. Any opinion on which title I should use?