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  1. AshwinR

    Cat VS. Laser

    View: https://youtu.be/_zIzrIwBnVA Hope you enjoy this video.
  2. AshwinR


    Our latest VLOG:
  3. AshwinR

    A day in the life of me and my Russian Blue cat

    Yes, I love my grat cat!
  4. AshwinR

    A day in the life of me and my Russian Blue cat

    Hi guys, my latest video is out (Pet vlog/lifestyle vlog). Lately I have been experimenting with a multi-cam setup (Sony ZV-1 and Sony A7C), to make the video a bit more less static, switching angles and using some editing transitions. Hoping for a better Retention (watch time) using those...
  5. AshwinR

    Please rate my latest video. What can I do better?

    This is my first video to use natural sound mix with music and also using multiangle camera shots. Did you like or not? What can I do to improve?
  6. AshwinR

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    Hi I uploaded the picture of the mobile app. Can I get the badge. Thank you. :)
  7. AshwinR

    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    Yeah, but I feel like a lot of people will put out a lot of videos, because they think this will make their channel grow faster. You often see that quality is not high on the list. I prefer quality over quantity.
  8. AshwinR

    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    Golden rule, since when?
  9. AshwinR

    YouTube Help My channel is difficult to develop

    Do some research. If you don't know what kind of content to create, I really think it is not the best Idea to start a YouTube channel. It seems you just want to start content which is successful. If you have a hobby, maken content about that.
  10. AshwinR

    YouTube Question Tactics to get a decent amount of watch hours for my newly started YouTube channel?

    Agreed, just make good content. I'm almost at 1900 hours, but 1 video has giving me 1100 hours, it's insane. If you have crappy video, you can use all the tricks in the world, but watchtime and subscriber are not going to happen.
  11. AshwinR

    YouTube News Christmas content?

    Maybe show how your decorate of have decorated your house.
  12. AshwinR

    Editing Software looking for better editing software that's not expensive

    Another vore for Da Vinci Resolve. The best free editing software you can get.
  13. AshwinR

    Need Advice Do you ask your friends and family to subsribe?

    Yes I did. It was important to me psychologically to see my work pay of. Yes I know it is inflated because it is family and friend, but they got me where I am today. I;m growing and it's insane. So friend and family have my vote! Ask them to help, give a like on your videos. These people are...
  14. AshwinR

    Other Social Media Using TikTok to promote YouTube Videos

    Yes, I have a Dutch friend you started his channel a few week ago, but he shot up in a feww week to thousand of subsriber it's insane: https://socialblade.com/youtube/channel/UCaJ5DthKLqAdE6y5I_N7I-Q His channel is in Dutch, but it's about what other youtubers earn, apparently it's something...
  15. AshwinR

    Reddit Is REDDIT has a good platform in promoting videos?

    Personally I think it is! View counts, don't write it off. Yeah, same for me. If you're not egotistical, and watch other peoples content, you will succeed. It comes both ways. Put some time int it, don;t just promote your own content. Watch other content and comment on those. True, but...
  16. AshwinR

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    Tiktok. Link your channel in the your tiktok profile with a message like: "If you like my Tiktok, check out my YouTube channel"
  17. AshwinR

    YouTube Help How long did it take you to get monetized

    In 5 months I managed to almost get half way up there! Create good content and promote your channel and succes will come. Use all media, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, TikTok. Link to your YouTube channel in those profiles. Be smart.
  18. AshwinR

    YouTube Help My channel is difficult to develop

    You have to have vision for your channel. If you have to ask this you're not ready in my opinion. Go figure out what yout want to show people. If you figure this out, find a channel which is successful in doing this and try to find out why they are successful.