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  1. Gideon kolawole

    Answered How do I become an affiliate for tubebuddy without PAYPAL

    Hello everyone, this is something that always makes me sad, sometimes I even wonder why. I don't have a PayPal account and I can't be given one because I'm in Nigeria. This thing limits me in a lot of ways. There are some great products that I would find and they have a good affiliate program...
  2. Gideon kolawole

    Subscriber Milestone 205 subs on my way to 210

    I just got 205 subs my next milestone is 210 I like to take things gradually that way I am much happier when I hit each milestones So my advice if you just created your YouTube channel and you have less than 100 subs is "don't be hard on yourself, success is just the accumulation of small...
  3. Gideon kolawole

    YouTube Question Asides from getting monetized, why do you want to get 1000 subscribers

    I'm going to start by sharing my own story Well if you don't know me before I'm Gideon from Nigeria, I was on a blog post reading how to make money online when I discover YouTube and I said to myself this is a golden opportunity to get quick money. So I didn't think it twice I just headed over...
  4. Gideon kolawole

    Answered How to place my channel. Link the right way

    Hello guys, it's really nice to finally be in a platform where you can ask questions and get quick responses, I'm really happy to be here. so guys I was making a post to introduce myself to you guys, the post was quite easy to make because there was already s nice guideline to make it. Until I...
  5. Gideon kolawole

    How-To Channel Meet This Sturbborn And Curious Nigeria Badass Teenager

    User name: Gideon kolawole Title of introduction: Meet This Sturbborn And Curious Nigeria Badass Teenager Your name/ Alias: Gideon kolawole Where are you from? Nigeria How did you find TubeBuddy? It was through a YouTuber (Roberto Blake) What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to make...