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  1. rportnoy

    Gaming Channel Hello From Indonesia

    Thank you Sanjogita
  2. rportnoy

    Subscriber Milestone Took me awhile to get to this milestone

    Congratulations! hope I get it soon.
  3. rportnoy

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Thanks for the valuable information....
  4. rportnoy

    YouTube Opinion Depressed about losing subscribers?? DON’T BE!!!

    Nice... very valuable information and motivation here. Thanks
  5. rportnoy

    Pinterest Is Pinterest a Good place to use?

    Some of my traffic were from pinterest. So share it on it often.
  6. rportnoy

    What If...?

    I would tell it to my family. I would be very happy. And wouldn't make same content but similar to it. And for the future would make questions to my audience what should I do next. Follow my audience and YouTube Algorithm will follow me..
  7. rportnoy

    Gear Question What program do you use to record?

    OBS studio is a software that is quite powerful for recording and live streaming. Has many features and effects. Available in 32bit and 64bit. nd the most important thing is OBS studio free! :blush::blush::blush:
  8. rportnoy

    Gaming Channel Hello From Indonesia

    Thank you AnnysKoreanLife
  9. rportnoy

    YouTube Question Bagaimana agar YouTube mempromosikan video kita ?

    YouTube akan mempromosikan video kita berdasarkan performa video setelah di publikasikan. Antara lain Click Through Rate, Retensi, like dan dislike. Terkadang ada yang beruntung mendapatkan kata kunci yang memang banyak dicari orang tetapi kompetitornya sedikit. Tapi untuk bisa ditemukan kita...
  10. rportnoy

    Gaming Channel Hello From Indonesia

    Thanks SILTHW
  11. rportnoy

    Need Advice Help required please

    To be consistent on theme, is a good practice. So if someone see your thumbnail at a glance. Maybe they will think for a moment, like "I know this". That is your style and brand. And the texts and images should be contrast and big enough to see it in mobile devices. Black and yellow combination...
  12. rportnoy

    Gaming Channel Hello From Indonesia

    Thank You Ronaldo
  13. rportnoy

    Gear Question What program do you use to record?

    I use bandicam and obs studio.
  14. rportnoy

    Need Advice Help required please

    Your content or keyword should be in topic that people search for. Even when many people search it, we should target kewords that have not too much competitor. It's very hard when we start. very hard to get view and sub. If we consistent the view and sub will raise.
  15. rportnoy

    Need Advice Has anyone every used Google Ads?

    I used google ads. for $50 got 10K+ view and 100+ subs. If your content and targeting Ok the result will be OK.
  16. rportnoy

    Gaming Channel Hello From Indonesia

    User name: rportnoy Title of introduction: Hello From Indonesia Your name/ Alias: sakhaprox Where are you from? Indonesia How did you find TubeBuddy? From youtuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Want to grow my youtube channel. What would you like to accomplish with your channel...