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  1. Amanda Summers

    Need Advice What can a small channel expect from an affiliate link partnership?

    I have a small channel, just 1,200 viewers. The channel is a travel tips channel for Nepal, a little country in the Himalayas between China and India. I thought a travel insurance company would be a good match. But in 4 years of promoting this travel insurance platform, they tell me I haven't...
  2. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question Something to do for the famous anonymous people on Youtube

    I keep seeing the same people in various Youtube videos. There is a Buddhist monk that stands at a stupa here in Kathmandu. Sometimes he's elsewhere. Everyone seems to get a picture or video of him. There are so many of these people I think it would be fun to do some sort of contest to reward...
  3. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Tips I'm having a problem getting affiliate sponsors/links. Is this normal?

    I'm retired and living in a developing country. I only use my debit card in the ATM and live on my retirement. I started a crowdfunding project and got turned down for the merchant/banking part of it. Next, I've had a link for an affiliate account for a long time and never made a sale. As it...
  4. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question Should I use the entire 500 characters for my tags?

    Someone told me not to put so many tags for my videos. She said the bots only see the first little bit. But even if this is so, the bots will only get better and will read more as time goes on. How many should we use?
  5. Amanda Summers

    Answered I don't think Keyword Explorer is working right for me.

    I have a channel that I cannot seem to grow so I upgraded to the Legend level. I like the keyword explorer because it shows if a term is a good, searchable term. However, it's taking me so long to find the words, phrases to put in. If I don't think of it, it's totally pointless. For example, I...
  6. Amanda Summers

    Answered Question about TubeBuddy University

    I just saw an advert on FB about getting TubeBuddy University with a new account. Is it available for people with Legend level? Maybe I missed this, but I don't think I've heard of it before. It sounds awesome. I'm learning a lot just from the Legend upgrade. I highly recommend it.
  7. Amanda Summers

    Video Review Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    User name: Amanda Summers Title of thread: Can you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Self review: I am doing everything I know how to do, but I get less than 100 views in the first week of posting. I cannot grow faster than 1 sub a day or less. I cannot even rank for the keywords the videos...
  8. Amanda Summers

    Answered Keyword Explorer isn't helping me much. Why?

    Sorry, but this is a bit of a repeat, but it's still happening, only worse. The keywords that are suggested for me are not even relevant for the video or even my channel, but those are the only ones that rank. 'So, make a video about that?' you might ask. These keywords aren't even in my...
  9. Amanda Summers

    Needed: Travel Channels to support each other via end-screen exchange

    I kept seeing the checklist with 'creator recommended' and wondered how I could get that to work for me. So, what I came up with is an end screen exchange where you would put one of my thumbnails up at the end of one of your videos and I do the same for you. Doing this can grow your authority...
  10. Amanda Summers

    YouTube SEO A question about tags

    I heard someone say that if you have a tag like 'get the most out of Nepal' you don't need to put 'Nepal' separately. Is this right?
  11. Amanda Summers

    Lifestyle Channel 'Traveling to Nepal' Help Channel

    User name: Amanda Summers Title of introduction: 'Traveling to Nepal' Help Channel Your name/ Alias: Ama Where are you from? US How did you find TubeBuddy? From multiple youtube videos. I tried VidIQ but didn't like it. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? My Youtube channel is very good...
  12. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Tips I think I cracked the thumbnail code-Am I getting close?

    I was in such denial that my thumbnails were the reason my channels aren't growing like I'd like-well one reason. But the truth is I'd always click on the first video if this was not true, right? So, here's the formula 'according to Ama:' Cut one thing out of the video and put it on a plain...
  13. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Tips Does doing an end-screen exchange give a channel creator authority?

    I was researching videos prior to uploading and I came across a good, small Youtube channel that had a video that went well with the one I was posting. I reached out to him and we are doing an end-screen exchange. Does this give us authority or is 'authority' something else?
  14. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question How can I get the authority for the keywords I want to rank for?

    I keep hearing that the algorithm may not think I have authority, but how to get it? I wrongly thought if I published 100 videos the algorithm would appreciate my authority, but now I see that a lot of channels still have crap videos even after many uploads. So I have to admit that was foolish...
  15. Amanda Summers

    Question How to upgrade for the same price as current special?

    I have a pro account but want to upgrade it to Legend and go all in for a couple months-at least. So, I see it at $39. That is over my budget. So I posted how to upgrade and got the $39 link. I've been seeing it for $19. So, I go on FB and there it is for $19, but I couldn't do it at that moment...
  16. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question First 200 characters questions

    It's impossible to put the important keywords in only 200 characters. I have two small channels so I need to go for the long-tailed keywords, but not only that, but I need to make it make sense for the viewer. Consider this; we only get 500 characters for all of our keywords, but to have to put...
  17. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question How to use another channel's footage without getting a strike?

    I'm doing a video about 10 things about Nepal and was doing some research. I come upon this channel that is totally misleading. Just about every point was bad and would push people away from choosing Nepal. They even had a piece of porn, which was the thing that pushed me over the top. But then...
  18. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Question Is this against the terms of service regarding porn? and how to report it?

    I was looking at some videos on the subject of the video I'm working on and came upon a video with random, an unnecessary visual of a couple having sex 'doggie style' so you can only see the in and out action-no private body parts exposed. I tried to report it, but I don't get it. First, it says...
  19. Amanda Summers

    Question How to upgrade?

    I got the pro plan a few months ago and started getting serious about getting my channel discovered. It's helping a lot, as is this forum, but I am getting impatient. I got a good offer due to my having a small channel, but can I get the same discount if I get the Legend level? I have only one...
  20. Amanda Summers

    YouTube Help I'm confused about hashtags

    I started my first Youtube channel about 5 years ago but got serious about 3 years ago. I kept putting videos up with excellent content and equipment, well, not the first ones. I trained some young Nepali guys to shoot the videos & put them up. I could barely get 1 sub a day and very few hits...