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    Answered How to read TB's suggestions

    Hello Just trying to clearly understand all that TB is recommending, when I type in a keyword, it tells me this one is good 61%, but how do I see on this window what is better for our channel? Any other tips would be appreciated, thank you!
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    YouTube Help How to find out what our niche is looking for in terms of searches?

    Hi What's the best way to zero in on what our niche audience is looking for in terms of searches on YT? When I type in the YT search field, it gives you examples, but it's usually pretty generic, same thing with Google trends. TB gives you example searches, but with weighted scores, everything...
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    YouTube Question Should we avoid End Screens to raise Audience Retention Rate?

    Would eliminating the use of end screens be advantageous in raising our audience retention rate albeit a small bump up?
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    YouTube Help Does watching a video on our Homepage count towards the CTR?

    If someone watches the featured video on our YouTube homepage, does that count towards the CTR? Thanks!
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    YouTube Help Impressions are going up, but not because YT is recommending? Why?

    What does it mean when your video impressions are climbing higher than usual, but YT isn't recommending it because the CTR is really low for us. Why are the impressions going so much higher than usual, when YouTube's recommendation percentage is our lowest and our CTR is low?
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    YouTube Question Channel Doesn't Appear in my YT Dashboard

    Hello I have a personal YT channel and I'm also a Manager on a Branded Account. Problem is, the branded account's channel doesn't appear in my YT dashboard, only my personal channel does. The only way I can get into my Branded Channel is if I go to the original email that I accepted the...