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  1. Paul

    Vlog Channel Ann Victoria Unoh

    Welcome to the TubeBuddy Forum Ann! :cool:
  2. Paul

    Question Youtube app does not show endscreens

    Oh, I know how to check my watch time! Haha...
  3. Paul

    Strategy Thanks to TubeBuddy, and the Forum, for the great tips!

    Wow. Great work Tim!:bomb::cool:
  4. Paul

    Community YouTube, YOUR Safety and YOUR Privacy

    Great tips Nick Thank you!:cool:
  5. Paul

    Opinion "On December 13-14, 2018, you may see a noticeable decrease in your subscriber count..."

    I lost about 140 subs on Dec.10. Many other creators are reporting losses on a Facebook group I’m in. One guy lost over 2500! I’ve never seen my graph drop into the negatives for a day...
  6. Paul

    Question Youtube app does not show endscreens

    Thanks for the update @Otto Oome!:cool:
  7. Paul

    Other Milestone 250K Views goal achieved

    That's awesome @GearVlogz!:cool: Congratulations on this milestone!:party: You'll be at a 1,000,000 in no time!
  8. Paul

    Question Youtube app does not show endscreens

    Otto, if you go on Twitter and tweet any YouTube issues to @TeamYouTube they seem to be pretty responsive. I don’t think I’ve seen an End Screen while watching on mobile.
  9. Paul

    Official TubeBuddy's menu Is getting redesigned!

    I like it @Andrew!:cool:
  10. Paul

    Question Thoughts on YouTube Rewind?

    ...:laughing: View:
  11. Paul

    Forum News TubeBuddy Forums 2.0!

    Oh, just saw that there’s no longer a way to have a YouTube channel button/link for others to checkout or troubleshoot channel from.
  12. Paul

    Seeking Advice What's Your Strategy For Finding Green Tags?

    Great strategy Nick! :cool:
  13. Paul

    Forum News TubeBuddy Forums 2.0!

    Looks and navigates great @Andrew!:cool: Gotta admit I kind of miss seeing who the top contributing members are...
  14. Paul

    How-To Channel I'm Nick Nimmin...and I'm addicted to TubeBuddy.

    Welcome aboard @Nick Nimmin! Stoked to have you here! :cool:
  15. Paul

    Question HELP please! Youtube account has been suspended

    Yes, @TeamYouTube on Twitter seems pretty responsive for most issues.
  16. Paul

    Question What is your next video going to be?

    I remember that video you did!
  17. Paul

    Channel Milestone 10.000 Views!

    Congratulations Deral! :party::cool:
  18. Paul

    Question What is your next video going to be?

    My next video is going to be the Part 2 video on soundproofing walls.
  19. Paul

    Community YouTube Subscription is Showing Me Videos From A Channel I'm Not Subbed To

    Could it be that he created his own "Uploads" playlist and then inserted the video from his other channel into it?