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Recent content by wwsu4453169

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    Answered Questions about keyword explorer

    Hi Nody, I am seeing something strange and wondering if it can be explained? When I search for the term "train tracking app" I am seeing TubeBuddy saying it's 65.0K searches per month, but from the youtube results it does not make sense. It looks like just adding the total views is definitely...
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    Answered Questions about keyword explorer

    I have been TubeBuddy user (Star Plan) for couple of month now and I have some questions on how the keyword explorer works, particular how is the data estimated. Specifically: 1. How is the monthly search volumn estimated? I would think YouTube does not make the search information available to...
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    YouTube Help Not seeing Subscriber bell notifications in Analytics

    Hi Nody, This is what my Audience section looks like. I followed the instruction on the page https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9336507?hl=en&ref_topic=9314351 but do not see the card mentioned. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks for your help!
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    YouTube Help Not seeing Subscriber bell notifications in Analytics

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but is there a reason why in the analytics->Audience section I don't see the Subscriber Bell Notification card?
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    YouTube Help Does Youtube Shorts allow link to full video?

    Does anyone know if you are allowed to say something like "For the full version of the video, see link in descriptions below" in the shorts video? For example if I post some shorts and want to direct people to the long form video on the same channel which is monetizable. I have seen some...
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    Need Advice YouTube shorts algorithm

    My Channel is only around 2 month old and I noticed that after I posted shorts, some of them look like the views graph is about to go take a parabolic run up but tapers off around 1.9K. For some it will go to 3K and they also get tapered off. All of this is within 2-3 days then it looks like...
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    YouTube Question Any good AI voice over services?

    I know google have wavenet's TTS that sounds pretty good. There are others I have seen sounds pretty good like https://voicemaker.in, https://replicastudios.com, and others. I think if you do a search you can find lots of them out there.
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    YouTube Question Newbie question about content ID

    If there is a video that uses background music that has been identified by content ID, does that pretty much prevent monetization of the video? For example in this video, I can see the "Music in this Video" section has the song identified. Does this mean adsense basically prevent any revenue...
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    YouTube Question Help! Very confused here, how does this work?

    Yes I think you are right on! It looks like they own both channels and looks like the parent company just buys other channels too so they own the rights to them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonbug_Entertainment
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    YouTube Question Help! Very confused here, how does this work?

    One thing I still don't quite understand is, what's the incentive for keep uploading to the channel if it is just going to be claimed? This channel has daily uploads every day for a year now. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbYiZyG_hgzv15UM0UcQyg. If all their upload gets claimed, why keep...
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    YouTube Question Help! Very confused here, how does this work?

    Thanks! That does clear things up a bit for me. So is it right to assume the reason that it has been up there for so long with so many views, is that the original content owner choose not to do anything about it? I have read somewhere that Google can also just direct all the monetization to...
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    YouTube Question Help! Very confused here, how does this work?

    I found this channel "Moonbug Literacy" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtbYiZyG_hgzv15UM0UcQyg that basically takes well known kids show videos like Cocomelon and Merphle TV and slaps their own lables on top of the video, but the content of the video is exactly the same as the original. For...