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Recent content by ShanitatorWiggy

  1. ShanitatorWiggy

    Life I cant believe it!

  2. ShanitatorWiggy

    Life I cant believe it!

    Okay, Not to blow my own trumpet or whatever but due to my learning disabilities, my mental problems, and being a mummy to a 1-year-old child, I have to work a lot harder than most people to get where I want to in life. So I am so proud to announce I'm going to university again!!
  3. ShanitatorWiggy

    YouTube Question What games should I play on my channel? What do you want to see? PC games only please.

    Since I started using tubebuddy my views have gone from 30ish per video in the first few days to 0. What games can I play to boost my views?
  4. ShanitatorWiggy

    Channel Milestone I HAVE 800 VIEWS!

    in a little, over a week I went from 800 to 900.
  5. ShanitatorWiggy

    YouTube Question Youtube shorts

    okay, i dont wanna be big headed but i think my first ever short was genius, tell me what you think https://youtube.com/shorts/aL-87jt2FFc?feature=share
  6. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Looking for someone to play with.

    I am looking for someone to play satisfactory with, Not for youtube just for fun. I've never played satisfactory co-op and on solo mode, I always get stuck at the same point. Does anyone want to play with me?
  7. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel gaming collaboration

    I am looking for someone to collab with Hmu if youre interested
  8. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel I am looking for gaming partners

    Anyone interested in working with me?
  9. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Looking for a long-term collaboration

    I am looking for collabs with other gamers, if anyone would like to work with me please let me know
  10. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Looking for YouTubers to make video's with

    I love gaming and I am reaching out to a few like-minded people to collab with, if anyone is interested please let me know.
  11. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel playing horror map

    I play Minecraft a lot, and would love to collab with you maybe
  12. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Looking for a friendly and funny collab team! (perhaps long term)

    Im interested in a collaboration, looking for other gamers to record with
  13. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Looking for others that love gaming

    I would be really interested in working with you if you'd be interested in working with me