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Recent content by Uk sea fishing

  1. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy YT Sponsorship Scams

    Ive not had an amazon offer but i have had emails claiming to be large well known tackle dealers, they make the email look legit until you look at the senders address and thats what gives it away, i dont think it will ever stop, if theres a scam opportunity they are gonna take it but the more...
  2. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy YT Sponsorship Scams

    Ive been getting these too and im not monetized yet, makes you wonder how they come to get your email address
  3. Uk sea fishing

    YouTube Question Youtube shorts

    Hi guys whats everyones opinion on youtube shorts? Personally im on the fence at the minute, ive put a few shorts up i just cant understand how the algorithm decides to show them on the shorts feed, ive had one go to 3.7k and the next got just 50 both using the same tags
  4. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy Organic subscribers

    Thanks for clearing that up ive always wondered why that was happening
  5. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy Organic subscribers

    Thank you that explains a lot, although i personally dont use the sub4sub channels i know that my link has been shared to said channels
  6. Uk sea fishing

    Vlog Channel Kayak Fishing to the Core

    Great channel and looking forward to seeing more
  7. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy Organic subscribers

    Hi everyone what is going on with youtubes algorithms? I often get between 10 and 15 organic subscribers through my live streams and then youtube takes them away
  8. Uk sea fishing

    TubeBuddy Hello

    Hi everyone i just want to post this to say hello to everyone and i hope you are all keeping well
  9. Uk sea fishing

    Entertainment Channel Live sea fishing streams

    User name: Uk sea fishing Title of introduction: Live sea fishing streams Your name/ Alias: Big Dan Where are you from? Uk How did you find TubeBuddy? A youtuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To help with seo What would you like to accomplish with your channel: Channel growth...