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    Video Editing Software (paid)

    Went with Prem pro, got a discount from adobe support after trial ended very happy with it!
  2. EV Nick

    Bug End Screens?

    Anyone having issues with end screens not working?
  3. EV Nick

    Question Are videos with low watch-time (ratios) hurting a channel substantially?

    I personally get bored of even the best YouTube videos after about 15 minutes/20 minutes if you don't think its going to engage your audience maybe its a waste of your own time and resources? Unless your going to enjoy making it in which case do it! I look at my videos from 3 angles if it...
  4. EV Nick

    Question How do you stay motivated?

    People told me when i started youtube? You won't get many viewers youtube has finished for new people? WRONG You won't keep getting subscribers? WRONG There are loads of vloggers doing electric cars you should just give up? Rule NEVER GIVE UP if you enjoy making content make it. this weeks...
  5. EV Nick

    Question How do you stay motivated?

    video for creators by a top creator
  6. EV Nick

    Question How do you stay motivated?

    oh and if i ever feel like i can't do it i watch this video and feel full of energy again View: https://youtu.be/jG7dSXcfVqE
  7. EV Nick

    Question How do you stay motivated?

    i've been gifted with high views and subs every day. However i set up a patron account i only have 4 people there HOWEVER there paying for me to make videos and i don't want to let them down so it keeps me pushing and pushing
  8. EV Nick

    Seeking Advice Roberto's YouTube Starter Kit?

    i use his thumbnail template and designed my branding around it
  9. EV Nick

    Opinion New Youtube rules for Custom Thumbnails

    nothing really new there just clearing up the guidelines so in other words if your thumbnail has swearing or nudity etc... its a strike
  10. EV Nick

    Question Monetization

    check your watch time hours for last 12 months guessing by your view count its under the needed amount
  11. EV Nick

    Question Monetization

    Check to see if your within the youtube criteria for partner program have your watch hours dropped below 4000? do you still have the right amount of subs? Have you got any youtube strikes? Has the video been demonized Does the video appeal to advertisers are you in a market with view adsense...
  12. EV Nick

    Video Editing Software (paid)

    Greenscreen for me is a long way off currently, more its going to be 2 cameras and maybe 3 audio sources. currently if am dealing with multi video clips and B roll am slowed down as the timeline on shotcut isn't the quickest or best to use, ill be waiting till i have more equipment which should...
  13. EV Nick

    Technology Channel Testing the waters on a technology collaboration

    Hi Mark! I have something we could work with, i have guest slots on my youtube channel this works 2 ways. 1) It provides me content and gets your subs watching a video on my channel when promoted correctly 2) if done correctly my subs filter to your channel to see your content. My videos...
  14. EV Nick

    Video Editing Software (paid)

    Thanks for feedback, and great info. I tend to buy a lav mic and when i do videos with 2 or 3 people have them all mic'd up, however matching the sound waves on the software i use now its HARD due to the software rendering very high the preview imagine where when i use a demo of prem pro it...
  15. EV Nick

    Video Review Review of my latest adventure

    my video View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kolrlQeSXDY Hey guys am wanting to know did this feel like this was a story, did it flow? was it funny? review i did https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/15162/#post-47135