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    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    I want full frame and iphone worse than the osomo, Also doesn't suit my style of professional shooting. and to top it off if i charge a client £600 sponsorship for a video and turned up to film it on an iphone i'd get a funny look
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    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Haha the GH4 bit to budget to where my channel is at now but nice try always the sales man mr lure
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    YouTube Help View count dropped?

    have you paid for any spam views google does detect these and remove them
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    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Hey guys before you reply with a camera you need to understand my current setup, and what projects I film. So current gear; dji osmo plus (4k gimbal camera) with a Rode Micro Pro Zoom H6 (4 channel XLR audio) Wireless lapel Mic Wired Lapel Mic So that's my current set up as you can tell audio...
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    Need Advice tips/advice

    Fast growth is relative to what your current subscriber number is, I have hit 5k in 2 years to me thats FAST growth. To others this might be slow. Also fast growth causes self esteem issues, if your last video didn't hit 1000 views in 24 hours you feel you down and a failure. As others have...
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    YouTube Question How do you grow???

    I just took one quick look at your channel and NON of your videos are telling me really what there about, you have no channel banner either so i can't tell if your just an account uploading videos of games for your friends to watch or if you want to be a mobile gaming channel. Take a look at...
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    YouTube Question How can i get more SUBSCRIBERS and viewers?

    I post in reply to questions but am Highly active member on these forums anyway however posted one on reddit stream and it was top up voted video straight away so if it helps it can pay off
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    Thumbnail Feedback Can I use an App logo in a thumbnail of a video reviewing that app?

    if the review was positive i can't see the app making disallowing the use of it.
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    YouTube Question Businesses Outside YouTube

    hmm mines more complex layers. I started youtube from a passion about electric cars, i often film at work in my car showroom this has resulted in fans of my youtube channel buying cars off me and selling cars to me. This wasn't my intention but had proved to be quite successful, I don't...
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    Need Advice Unlisted or Private?

    We all know about the secret sauce when you first public a video youtube helps your video for around 2 weeks. i have 7 paterons supporting me and currently i've been uploading privately sharing it with them 7 days before release using there login emails, this then also allows me to schedule a...
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    YouTube Question How can i get more SUBSCRIBERS and viewers?

    works very well a video i posted in July gets 400 views every single day and since publish earnt me 400 new subs
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    YouTube Question How can i get more SUBSCRIBERS and viewers?

    I've been targeting content of questions i see asked in forums often as it gives me great EVER green content that gets views months and months after that plus some good SEO made one of my videos my greatest successful videos
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    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    active standby mode? The Rode Mic is connected to the arm on my DJI camera which has the WORST inbuilt mic so rode gives good reference and also amazing backup plus its light and uses camera's power. I prefer to use the lapel mic system with the zoom as i get super crisp audio files i can...
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    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    DEPENDS! I got a Róde Micro Pro for my camera and reference audio but 95% of the time i use a wireless saramonic lapel mic to a zoom h6. I also sometimes use Comica cvm-v02o lapel if am interviewing and need to mic someone else up. I've also played with using the mic that comes with the h6 for...