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Recent content by EV Nick

  1. EV Nick

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    3 Keys to getting lots of subs quickly 1) CONTENT LOTS OF IT! 2) Niche content with a large audience who want to watch it 3) Luck
  2. EV Nick

    YouTube Help How do i get my video viewed faster with small YouTube Subscribers

    Make great content and share it with people and it should snowball
  3. EV Nick

    Gear Question Live broadcast

    SAdly not what am after that’s a switcher for multi cams same location I want multi cams pulled in
  4. EV Nick

    Gear Question Live broadcast

    Hey all I want to do live broadcast with multi webcams and be able to live edit which camera is on show. Simlair to TubeBuddy live streams what software can I use tried OBS but all cameras are different sizes if using Skype and zoom for example. plan is 3 webcams all remote so one UK one US...
  5. EV Nick

    YouTube News 235% CTR On this Thumbnail!

    whats the chart showing under this?
  6. EV Nick

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail with Face or not?

    Done 2 examples of face and no face for you both SAME just with and without
  7. EV Nick

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Car Review

    View: https://youtu.be/7E4rdNmzxAU
  8. EV Nick

    Channel Review Can you see an area of imporvement

    Added some more keywords to channel i don't think keywords in there have a big impact on search and discovery however taken the advise and added some. I post every Saturday, however i vary time if the video appeals to US and UK viewers i post 6am GMT however if its more UK based video ill go...
  9. EV Nick

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Well i started with "shotcut" as it was FREE and gave lots of function you'd get in a high end editor. Now i use Prem pro 2020, my patrons cover the cost so helps but its easy to use, if i don't know how to do something theres MILLIONS of youtube videos of HOW TO. Also has a suite of built...
  10. EV Nick

    Channel Review Can you see an area of imporvement

    User name: EV Nick Title of thread: Can you see an area of imporvement Self review: I've worked hard to ensure i have a fancy banner, right amount of links to socials i want to grow but also that my thumbnails are eye catching and stand out even between other thumbnails can you see an area i...
  11. EV Nick

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail with Face or not?

    The 2 thumbnails you have your face in are not great thumbnails for being eye catching the other 2 thumbnails you worked harder on, maybe add your face over them images and see what you think? I try and spend more time with thumbnails now make sure its the BEST i can make. Ensure the...
  12. EV Nick

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    I want full frame and iphone worse than the osomo, Also doesn't suit my style of professional shooting. and to top it off if i charge a client £600 sponsorship for a video and turned up to film it on an iphone i'd get a funny look
  13. EV Nick

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Haha the GH4 bit to budget to where my channel is at now but nice try always the sales man mr lure
  14. EV Nick

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Hey guys before you reply with a camera you need to understand my current setup, and what projects I film. So current gear; dji osmo plus (4k gimbal camera) with a Rode Micro Pro Zoom H6 (4 channel XLR audio) Wireless lapel Mic Wired Lapel Mic So that's my current set up as you can tell audio...