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Recent content by yeo0308

  1. yeo0308

    Official How do I get My TubeBuddy Forum Badge?

    Welcome @RonTraveLife Keep it up!
  2. yeo0308

    Official Who gets credit for referrals and how is it tracked?

    Hi @Phil and @Andrew (sorry i think i've posted in a wrong thread) I have friends that installed Tubebuddy using my affiliate link in the Philippines last night. One of my friend bought a 1year Pro version subscription. When I checked this morning(8am) my dashboard was not updated.I downloaded...
  3. yeo0308

    Affiliate Question How does it work

    Hi @Andrew and @Phil , my friend bought 1 year Pro version last night but the detail did not appear on my dashboard. What should I do now? thanks --- Post updated --- he used my affiliate link :)
  4. yeo0308

    Official TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Changes (they're good!

    Hi! your going to receive an email and choose what channel your going to upgrade :) --- Post updated --- Thanks for the upgrade!
  5. yeo0308

    TubeBuddy News Full TubeBuddy Mobile Release on ANDROID AND IPHONE!

    If we will use our affiliate link will it redirect to google play? Will we get the credit or not? Thanks
  6. yeo0308

    TubeBuddy News Full TubeBuddy Mobile Release on ANDROID AND IPHONE!

    I can't install it on my android because it's not compatible :( I've android 5.0 version. and I'm so excited about the release.... Can we connect it to our affiliate link?
  7. yeo0308

    Update on YouTube Partner Program Applications April 19th 2018!

    Hi can somebody help me to install my you Tube badge? I upgraded my 2 channels already and my You Tube badge is unlocked.