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    Setting up new mouse on Battlefield 1 on Console using the XIM 4

    If you guys do not know, I play any shooter game regardless of platform with a mouse and keyboard. For console versions of the games in question, I use a XIM 4 due to it's ability to use my current keyboard and mouse to play FPS games on console. From time to time, games on consoles can get an...
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    Need Advice Are you allowed to tag other channel names?

    I used to do that during my naive phase of YouTube when I first started it 9 years ago. I just find it immoral toady to tag someone else's channel name. I can not find myself imitating someone that I like and when I hear myself on recordings and streams, I sound like a moron.
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    Where are you from?

    Hailing from San Diego, California where most of So. Cal area just endured annoyingly hotter temperatures than normal over the last couple days. Where did all the cool and rainy weather go from last year... :/
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    Need Advice Stay consistent - not as easy as I thought

    It also does not help about maintaining schedule when you fall ill. Not doing videos in over a week due to losing my voice can really make you lose audience, no matter how understandable it can be. Most people expect instant satisfaction when it comes to watching content.
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    TubeBuddy Tips ΓÿàGuideΓÿà How To Grow Your YouTube Channel with SEO!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this. It looks like I might have to dip into reddit more often. I will implement this into my future videos.
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    What was your first successful video that really took off?

    This clip was one of the reasons why I continued uploading videos to YouTube. I wanted to highlight a game using the XIM 4 and for some odd reason, this particular clip boomed in views. This video also created some great conversations between people who are for and against the XIM.