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Recent content by Theory Guitar

  1. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Help Does Youtube Shorts allow link to full video?

    Yeah, why wouldn't you be able to?? tons of other people do.
  2. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Tips Using Ai to create content

    yeah but that doesn't automatically translate. Right?
  3. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Tips Using Ai to create content

    What do you use to translate the subtitles to Spanish?
  4. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Help Upload pending

    Did you leave the window open?
  5. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Help Upload pending

    Nope, what problems are you experiencing with uploading?
  6. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Question Research Tab?

    Yeah I got it a few weeks ago. Its ok, not the best.
  7. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnails!

    Thanks for the feedback. What do you think now?
  8. Theory Guitar

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnails!

    Ok, here are three different designs for thumbnails I might use in my next video. I want to change the photo of myself and put a glow outline but besides that. What do you guys think about them? Would you change anything? @MattCommand1
  9. Theory Guitar

    Who Can Post Last?

    I see too.
  10. Theory Guitar

    Who Can Post Last?

    No, I am last and will remain last.
  11. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Question Promoting Our Channel

    But don't buy likes or followers.
  12. Theory Guitar

    Channel Review Where to go next?

    I agree with what Kathleen said. You have only been making videos for a month and you have 21 subscribers. That is really good! On average per thousand views you will get 3-5 subs. At the moment you have 21 and are way above average because you only have 1.3k total views. Stop worrying so much...
  13. Theory Guitar

    YouTube Tips A Deep Dive Into Increasing Sub Growth

    So if I have 111k views and 2600 subs that means I am below average right?? :scream: