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    Affiliate Question What are your Conversion Ratios (clicks to purchases)

    Depends on who you're targeting and which method you're promoting it with... your ratio tells me either the people that are clicking have no interest in the product or the way in which you're promoting it is ineffective.
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    Affiliate Question What are your Conversion Ratios (clicks to purchases)

    19918 Clicks: 3461 Installs: 43 Purchases... which to put it simpler is 232 Clicks: 40 Installs: 1 Purchase... which is all advertising, so naturally it'll be less effective than a personal recommendation ratio wise.
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    Official TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Changes (they're good!

    Yes, if you get 50 people to install you can apply to become a VIP Affiliate which brings you up to a 40% Recurring Commission, No Minimum Payout and a Free 1 Year TubeBuddy Star Upgrade for yourself. If you get 250 people to install you can apply to become a Super Affiliate and you'll get a...
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    Official TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Changes (they're good!

    It means you won't be paid unless you accrue at least $10 from referral earnings.
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    Affiliate Question Nomu T18

    ...This guy perfectly demonstrates how NOT to pimp your TubeBuddy affiliate link... since he doesn't have an affiliate link for the weird looking smartphone with an AERIAL on it (yeah lol), he likely works for the owners of the product, but it was an adorable attempt... never insert yourself in...
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    Affiliate Question Payment scheme

    In order to get paid a referred user has to make a purchase.
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    How to Rank with Youtube Hashtags

    I find that hashtags don't get that much search traffic so even if you do rank for a hashtag you probably won't get a lot of views.
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    TubeBuddy MCN without AdSence

    Wasn't making a mountain from a mole hill at all, was simply countering your claim that certain people were getting demonetized for their political beliefs and it seems you miscommunicated by not making it clear that you didn't believe that yourself despite typing it like you did (which was an...
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    TubeBuddy MCN without AdSence

    You stated it as fact, not as a quote or a claim: ...and I said "If" you believe it: I don't know why any of that was brought up anyway considering the original discussion had nothing to do with the ridiculous allegations made by those individuals... but rather someone who is rightfully...
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    TubeBuddy MCN without AdSence

    Kunicross is absolutely right, if you believe YouTube have it out for individuals like Alex Jones just because he supports Trump... then unfortunately you're probably being misled by people... a similar thing happened a few months ago with the LGBT community where they made huge noise about...
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    TubeBuddy MCN without AdSence

    Well... it's not a secret or anything, all it required is searching "Combat Sports" and looking for channels "+50k subscribers and 30 mil. views" as he said: 55k subs and he rounded it up a bit, he's actually at 29 million views, he used...
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    TubeBuddy Tips I'm Being Suppressed

    Unless you consider 3 videos to be "all your videos" then i'm not seeing what you describe... apart from those 3 videos, just 1 other has gotten over 50k views and you just have under 2k subscribers... so what i'm guessing is that because one or two videos went viral in the GoT community and...
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    TubeBuddy MCN without AdSence

    I found your channel... why do you expect to earn money from simply compiling other people's work without permission which does not belong to you? Also you should now have yellow circular dollar symbols now next to videos which show limited or no ads which you're able to appeal... but there's...
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    Official Who gets credit for referrals and how is it tracked?

    If I refer someone and they install the plugin... then some time later they clear their cookies and then make a purchase, do I still get credited because they've already installed? Or no because they've cleared the cookie?