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Recent content by Ater

  1. Ater

    Gaming what games does everyone enjoy playing?

    I like strategy/simulation games like EU4, Imperator: Rome, XCOM, CK3, Football Manager etc. Used to play a lot of Civilization when I was younger but since I got into EU4 I just cant go back to Civ (I have tried). I also play WoW Classic with a bounch of friends that I used to play WoW with...
  2. Ater

    YouTube Question So how do you get back into making content after being busy with other priorities?

    I take a 3-7 months break each year. Since it's just a hobby to me I do it when I'm having fun and I don't when I feel a bit burned or when I'm having more fun with other hobbies or when I need to prioritize IRL. I'm currently on a long break, last video was published 5 months ago, because I...
  3. Ater

    YouTube SEO How can I get more subscribe for channel

    Hard work and dedication. There is no quick fix. Focus on creating more content and try to make each new video better than the previous one. Each new video is a new way for people to find your channel. If they subscribe comes down to the quality of your video and what else your channel have to...
  4. Ater

    Question Why am I not ranking?

    That explains a lot. Now I found the video. Seems to be ranking pretty decently based on my YouTube history (attached file)
  5. Ater

    Question Why am I not ranking?

    When I visit your channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqf2-su4P_GHPf5vmIi4VwQ/videos I cant find any video with that title or that thumbnail.
  6. Ater

    Question Why am I not ranking?

    Are you sure you have the video publicly listed? When I visit your channel I can't find it? Also if you look at the text below the tag window it says: Where this video ranks in YouTube Search Results (* For You) This means it's based on your own YouTube history and not everyone else, so the...
  7. Ater

    YouTube Opinion What's your benchmark number of videos that one should upload as a good "Now they're no longer a new YouTuber" threshold point?

    For me personally respect don't have much to do with the amount of videos. A channel with 5 videos can be more impressive to me than a channel with 500 videos. Example: Channel 1: 500 videos, they get 1-5 views each, they are boring, bad quality, confusing story telling and annoying sound...
  8. Ater

    YouTube Question Attracting More People

    YouTube is a search engine, by making content that do well in the search results you will get more views. After that it's of course up to the quality of your content if they stick around and watch more of your videos or if they leave after 30 seconds and never come back.
  9. Ater

    Need Advice How can I achieve 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours?

    It all comes down to hard work and dedication, there are no quick fix for YouTube. I'm guessing that for most people 1000 subs and 4k hours take 1-3 years to reach. Set a goal like 100 new videos before the summer. And then try to make each new video better than the previous one, better...
  10. Ater

    Life What is The reason behind your youtube channel ?

    I started my channel many years ago to share recordings of our gaming sessions with the group of friends that I was gaming with every week. Wasn't until years later that I started recording videos with the intention for other people than my friends to watch.
  11. Ater

    YouTube Help How can i grow my Youtube Channel with Tubebuddy?

    When I started making videos I did it for a large crowded niche where it was impossible for my tiny channel and my videos to compete in the search results against much larger channels. TubeBuddy helped me as a small channel to find topics and keywords where my tiny channel could actually start...
  12. Ater

    YouTube News YT now allowing Shorts creators to use YOUR content! Mind blown

    I don't have that setting under my Advanced settings? I have one with similar wording, but it talk about clips and not shorts and from what I understand about clips it's just them sharing my content in social media, not making their own videos with my content as a part of that video.