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Recent content by Human Fantasy

  1. Human Fantasy

    Answered About tubebuddy affilate

    If I use tubebuddy affiliate can I create a coupon? Also If I am a tubebuddy affiliate am I allowed to promote in my video, if I am can I say I am sponsored by tubebuddy?
  2. Human Fantasy

    Question TubeBuddy & YouTube Shorts

    Tubebuddy is just a tool, you can't rely on it for views. I use both tubebuddy and vidIQ because they both have great benefits. However, you can use tubebuddy for so many things. Click magnet, A/B testing, try it out and make new decisions on your shorts. Use all their tools for best results...
  3. Human Fantasy

    Channel Review Can Someone See What I am Doing Wrong ?

    I always like to help small channels, mine is one after all. First off, emojis. Please don't take this as an offensive word but you do use a little to many emojis. Directly emojis immediately make the user untrusting and their mouse can't click. Not to mention they leave less title space Emojis...
  4. Human Fantasy

    YouTube Opinion I’m Posting a Video On YouTube Every Single Day For 90 Days…..Here’s A Breakdown

    That is Amazing! Personally I prefer not to pump out rapid vids but thats just me
  5. Human Fantasy

    Official Wanna Improve Your Thumbnail Game? Check Out Canva.com

    Canva.com is a great thumbnail maker However it isn't great for "Non-Canva" style thumbnails. If you are a beginner, i suggest canva. An intermediate, go for blender A professional, go for photoshop Thanks
  6. Human Fantasy

    YouTube Question How to put other people channels to my channel tab?

    Head to YouTube Studios Go to "Customization" Head to featured channels Add the section or add channels to the section Tap publish Enjoy!
  7. Human Fantasy

    Question I'm having an issue with my keyword explorer where the average median view is not showing up, don't get exact overall weighted score.

    Although I don't have the weighted version it could be because tubebuddy has crashed on your side. Try logging out and in or removing and adding the extension.