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    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    A love story from the Celts for Valentine's day!
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    Question Have Pranks on Youtube Gone To Far

    Daddy o Five anyone? That was supposed to be a "pranking" channel, but it ended up being far more abuse than anything else. (Their victims (kids) couldn't get away, endless pool of pranks. Ha. Ha.) Now anyone can say; "But the kids were taken away by child services! This was clearly abuse...
  3. BlueBard

    Educational Channel New and eager

    @SizzlingPopcorn Thanks :D @Guitar Hack Thanks :D I love Myths, and I hope to find a lot of people who do to ^_^ @Sissarella Nice to meet you too Sisserella!
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    Channel Review Opinion on my Intro (Yes or No)

    @Hominid Thanks! :D I really appreciate the feedback ^_^ I have considered changing the symbols a bit, perhaps wording them would be better. But thanks again! You really eased my mind :) @beardedconsumer Yay! Thanks :D I'll think about it, for now I'm just having fun and letting people...
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    Video Review "Be Right There" Ahri Edit (Good Enough?)

    I think it's great! Short and sweet with a fun punch! Well done :D
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    Channel Review Opinion on my Intro (Yes or No)

    https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/what-am-i-doing-wrong.12391/ I need an honest opinion on my Intro's. You will see in the beginning I have the title Mythoscope, then the rings turn, stopping at where and what we're going to be watching for the vid. I try and keep them...
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    Educational Channel New and eager

    Ike! *glomp* Thank you! I shall check out the place post-haste. .... Whoops, copied the wrong thing into the wrong thing. Dinosaurs are like big horses, they're just funny shapes ^_^ And some might eat your dog >_>
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    Channel Review What am I Doing Wrong?

    Funny thing, I'm having a similar problem. I've been active with my channel on and off for about three years. I started to focus and suddenly a few subscribers popped up. Happy, I kept making videos and a few more joined in. But then I cam across another channel similar to mine, which had...
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    What was your first successful video that really took off?

    Although I had one before this, which technically had more views, this one seemed to have brought in the most subscribers :) I did plan the video around Thor: Ragnarok which had just hi theaters. And of course, the thumbnail seemed to make people happy ^_^ Loved doing the video :D
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    Educational Channel New and eager

    Good morning all! I'm new to the forum and eager to meet new people! I love reading (Pratchett), writing (Fantasy), obsessing (Mythology) and loving (Dinosaurs). Also - DC Fangirl. J'onn J'onzz is awesome! And the only series I watch is Scrubs, A-Team and Night Court. Back in my day... I...