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Recent content by Hannah

  1. Hannah

    Gear Question What are your future gear upgrades?

    @People's Bookkeeper @Damon I am interested in selling my G7! I absolutely love it and have only used it a handful of times so it is basically brand new. I am going in a different direction with my film style so that is the only reason why I am selling it.
  2. Hannah

    Answered Changing channel with same license?

    @Photoguy We only offer lifetime Pro licenses to certain channels that meet a set of nonpublic criteria. We recently started offering a different lifetime pro license for all channels, however, it is at a different price point. If you need a refund please reach out to support@tubebuddy.com and...
  3. Hannah

    Answered Sign in required problem

    @triple deadly please email me at support@tubebuddy.com and I would be happy to send over some troubleshooting steps to get this resolved.
  4. Hannah

    Answered 2 channels requires two TubeBuddy subscriptions?

    You can only have one license per channel. We do have a special promo deal for your second channel. Email support@tubebuddy.com for details and we would be happy to give you more information.
  5. Hannah

    In Progress Can I change a pro license to a different tubebuddy account ?

    @marcogomesr We can switch the license as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. If that is the case, please send a link to your channel the license is currently attached to and a link to the channel you wish to attach the license to directly to support@tubebuddy.com. If it has been past 30...
  6. Hannah

    Answered Cannot cancel licence I just purchased!!

    @izmatopia please contact me at support@tubebuddy.com and send me a link to your channel. We will be able to refund your purchase.
  7. Hannah

    In Progress Cancel Mobile License

    @Filipe Noronha ae you using Android or iPhone?
  8. Hannah

    In Progress Tubebuddy Sign In Required, Click Here

    Hi @Rsbeauty I know how we can fix this. Can you email me at support@tubebuddy.com? Then I can send you some instructions and specific screenshot requests to get this resolved.