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Recent content by AntoinetteG

  1. AntoinetteG

    Entertainment Channel Sunset Lover

    Welcome Vikram! My husband likes to use Sunset and Sunrise photos in his workshops as part of his presentations. What a unique idea for a channel!
  2. AntoinetteG

    How-To Channel Formerly Shy, Forever Introverted

    Aww--thank you Woodward! You made my day!! Glad you found it helpful!
  3. AntoinetteG

    How-To Channel Formerly Shy, Forever Introverted

    Thanks for the welcome and kind words, Matt!
  4. AntoinetteG

    Channel Review Looking for input: Give me the down and dirty to get more views

    Hi Jon, here's my two cents: I agree with Xolaris about the thumbnails--nice font but hard to read against all the colors. Also, why not show a photo of yourself in your thumbnail? Also, on your RV Winter Prep video it was over a minute before you got into the advice. Why not try deleting your...
  5. AntoinetteG

    How-To Channel Formerly Shy, Forever Introverted

    User name: AntoinetteG Title of introduction: Formerly Shy, Forever Introverted Your name/ Alias: Antoinette Where are you from? United States How did you find TubeBuddy? Annie Dube (YouTuber) What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Community and learning from others What would you like to...