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    Community Happy New year!

    Goals....um enjoy life and reach 2000 subscribers
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    Community Happy New year!

    Happy New Year! Everybody
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    Question Where are you from?

    Denver! I'm driving thru there a lot!
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    Gaming Channel New.. But looking forward to grow.

    Hello, welcome to the forum, this is the place if you want to learn. they keep it real. They are honest and very helpful!
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    Community Channel Father and Daughter Team eager to start!

    Hello , Welcome to the forum, My daughter and I are also a team on youtube,
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    Beauty Channel New Youtube! Heyyy!

    Hello there. Welcome to the forum,
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    Strategy Are you a small channel that wants to earn revenue?

    I enjoy reading your threads... thank you
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    Educational Channel New and eager

    hello BlueBard, nice to meet you
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    Entertainment Channel Hello Fellow TubeBuddies :P

    hello Admir, we have something in common reaching 1000 subs
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    Entertainment Channel Hello everyone

    Hello from another new memmber