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  1. Murthag91

    New Tubebaddy not showing on crome

    Halo, since today tubebuddy is not showing in the youtube page on my browser (google chrome). When i look at the extension it say it is installed. How can i fix?
  2. Murthag91

    Seeking Advice What is Preventing my Channel From Growing?

    @avrona i know the feeling my average watch time is the same (less than one min) on some videos even 10 sec but i dont care XD
  3. Murthag91

    Strategy Views Grow Up And Freeze

    well it also depends of the tipe of content of video you make. my channell being most a news channell about games is normal that after some dais they stop to get views. Instead i saw on guide videos that are still getting views but on a smaller rate.
  4. Murthag91

    Question What is The Reason Why You Created Your YouTube Channel?

    I had a very good teacher the guy in the video was mine raid leader back in 2005/06 and later on he became the raid leader of Method (the best wow guild in the world) since tier 11 in 2010. I was lucky enough to live in the town close to him so he brought me into wow when i was in middle school
  5. Murthag91

    Question What is The Reason Why You Created Your YouTube Channel?

    I'm playing world of warcraft since 2005. in those 13 years i managed to play in many good guilds even some that made in the first 100 in the world. I just want to share my knowledge with the comunity, and maybe the opportunity to know the most popular creators regarding warcraft.
  6. Murthag91

    I'm Bad At Youtube And I'm Fine With That (So Should You)

    As the title says on many youtube comunity groups i see some people discouraged on keeping to make video on the platform. I hope this video will motivate you to don't feel down on it but to keep going. No one can be bad at youtube!!!
  7. Murthag91

    Strategy Update Your LinkedIn Profile with YouTube Videos

    Is not linkendl used more for carrer profile compared to other social media? (At least in my country)
  8. Murthag91

    Question Please join the poll and make sure your position.!

    Around 30-40 but depends day by day. Im not taking a record so im not sure about it.
  9. Murthag91

    Technology What Microphones do you Use?

    Thx for the info, now im checking if there is a version of this with microphone incorporated
  10. Murthag91

    Technology What Microphones do you Use?

    After 5 month of being unployed i found a new job!! I would like to buy a new set of headphones becouse mine are terrible, what do you suggest with a budget of 50Γé¼?
  11. Murthag91

    Technology What Microphones do you Use?

    A strong 9Γé¼ trust headset mic that i have purchased 4-5 years ago. Togheter with mine 8Γé¼ webcam they make the ultimate Slavtalian settings XD
  12. Murthag91

    4 Tips to Improve Your Rank on Dota

    This is my first motivational video regarding Dota2. I strongly beliave that what you do outside the game have a huge impact when you play. And so i decided to make a video to tell how to prepare outside the game to be more succesful
  13. Murthag91

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    This week the alpha of Battle for Azeroth went finaly up, with today video i'm covering the stroy of the Zandalari Trolls. A new faction that will join the Horde faction in game.
  14. Murthag91

    Seeking Advice 14 subscribers, but not a lot of views. Help?

    To me is just the opposite, im getting views (with this message i am currently at 990) but no subs or watchtime. I hope as soon i get more fluent in speaking english the more i will attract people to watch my content.
  15. Murthag91

    Seeking Advice Share your latest Thumbnail design for Constructive Criticism.

    I always try to make them similiar to the one of bigger channell, but i still need a bit of practise to divide objects on ps. After that i use canva for text and finish it. I use wowmodelvier