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Recent content by Eric Kua

  1. Eric Kua

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    I'm not sure what this is about. Reaction to what? A normal picture of a basketball player? Also, not a gd idea to cover your expression with the words. A good thumbnail either has self-explanatory pictures or a title that arouses curiosity. Attached is a few examples. Your video is a reaction...
  2. Eric Kua

    Need Advice Daily posting or 3 times a week?

    looking at your profile, you are posting on cryptos. I think the news from this area is pretty fast moving, the successful channels in this niche seems to post at least once a day. Not sure if that's what you want to do. Good luck!
  3. Eric Kua

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    Sorry i think the photo is a bit overexposed. The natural lighting didn't make this look appetizing to me (although i'm actually hungry now). Maybe you want to try taking studio shoots where you can control the lighting better?
  4. Eric Kua

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumb nail art and photography

    Maybe you can use the same font?
  5. Eric Kua

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this an engaging thumbnail for my next video going up in a few days?

    I actually don't know what the video is about. What's the challenge?
  6. Eric Kua

    Community I think I'm awful...

    is there a thread where you can post a few of your thumbnails and ask which is the best?
  7. Eric Kua

    Need Advice Keyword research

    Thank you, i will take note, particularly in the title.
  8. Eric Kua

    Channel Review Review to improve my channel

    Enjoyed your animation! Awesome work! Thought the outro can be more animated....The "Thank you very much" i would scrap it for a more cutesy voice-over. Or even no voice-over. Or just use the Gandalf scene but put the subscribe button underneath then say "YOU SHALL...
  9. Eric Kua

    Need Advice Keyword research

    keywords are needed for SEO to work, if titles and thumbnails are catchy but they don't show up in impressions, still wouldn't get views would it?
  10. Eric Kua

    Channel Milestone 600 Views

    I think you misunderstood my question. haha
  11. Eric Kua

    Need Advice Keyword research

    Btw, why does the subscribe button disappear when i post in other threads?