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Recent content by martync1967

  1. martync1967

    how i made a cheap pond filter

    easy diy moving bed koi pond filter,back up and running but slightly different in shape - YouTube
  2. martync1967

    please have a look

    koi pond filter hut part 2 progressing on just plodding on with it.... - YouTube
  3. martync1967

    please take a look

    (3) easy pod setup with a boost a moving bed and 7 stage filter the ultimate koi pond filtration set up - YouTube
  4. martync1967

    please take a look and give me some support thank you very much martyn

  5. martync1967

    please have a look and show your support thanks martyn

    (1) koi pond update water lilies and a moving bed and giveaway reminder! more pipework plans - YouTube
  6. martync1967

    please check out my new video

    planting the shrubs tempting the koi with watermelon plus a giveaway that may be useful to someone! - YouTube
  7. martync1967

    a garden transformation

    (2) blagdon 28000 7 stage filter unboxing and install adding plants to the raised flowerbed plus more ? - YouTube
  8. martync1967

    please take a look and consider a subscription thanks

    pushing on through the storms,pergola brackets,grass,slate,some optics and new bar icons - YouTube
  9. martync1967

    a new video please take a look

    nearly done koi pond update the wall of fame gets more channel icons - YouTube
  10. martync1967

    please show me some support thanks martyn

    out with the old in with the new koi pond build - YouTube
  11. martync1967

    nearly at 500 subscribers now please check me out..

    diy koi pond build update the walls are built.... - YouTube
  12. martync1967

    please take a look at my pond build progress all the best martyn

    koi pond continues concealing the ibc and big plans ! garden bar! - YouTube
  13. martync1967

    Channel Review Am I on the right track. Cannot seem to get many subs.

    hi my friend i will have a look at you channel and give you some support all the very best martyns koi pond and garden
  14. martync1967

    YouTube Tips i watch as many videos in the same category as mine

    yes you are right buddy since i posted this thread i have made 20 plus videos and have a lot more subscribers
  15. martync1967

    please have a look and support my channel

    dont forget to have a great christmas and new year