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Recent content by Venture

  1. Venture

    Gaming Channel PALLYER Mix TV

    Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask anything.
  2. Venture

    How-To Channel 3D Computer Graphic Tutorial Channel

    Welcome to the house. Where most topics are discussed supposely either YouTube section or TubeBuddy section. Have a great time here.
  3. Venture

    Answered Get a view

    This issue always happens when you start a YT channel. Depending on the niche you are focusing on, some niches get higher views and some don't. But as a new YouTuber, I would recommend you putting up the good work for now, just focus on the content, make about 150 post then, you will centainly...
  4. Venture

    What to do

    Quality content, use SEO on your videos and CTA also
  5. Venture

    Question TubeBuddy Sponsored Upgrades

    Hi there, am a big fun of TubeBuddy, I first had a sponsored upgrade which got me upgraded to the Pro version. Here's the case I have gained access to the sponsored upgrades again but which says if I create video about the lovely features on TubeBuddy I would get a month upgrade for Legend...
  6. Venture

    How to Create a Skrill Account in Ghana (Step - Step)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEqUU--NklI&t=6s
  7. Venture

    How to Create A YouTube Channel (2021 Beginner's Guide)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrFfwC0X57s
  8. Venture

    Thumbnail Feedback Want To Improve Your Thumbnails? PicsArt and Snapseed can help and save time!

    Am a fun of Adobe products so I precisely use Photoshop for my thumbnails.
  9. Venture

    Gaming Channel Lord Of Wolves

    Nice Niche there, and welcome to the house.
  10. Venture

    Vlog Channel Extreme Prankster