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Recent content by keithmaclroz

  1. keithmaclroz

    Educational Channel Opwell Forex is a YouTube channel that provides Forex Trading education, tips, deals and promotions.

    Thank you for sharing! I found a lot of interesting information. I like watching videos about trading on Forex. I am a novice in trading, so I spend a lot of time watching videos about it and learning different strategies. I started as a forex brokers with a $1 minimum deposit last week, and I...
  2. keithmaclroz

    Editing Software What Editing Software you have?

    If you want to buy a laptop for work and gaming, I recommend Apple MacBook Pro 16". But I'm afraid the price may not suit you. However, the laptop is worth the money. I use ThinkPad L540 (Lenovo) ex-IBM. It's reliable and pleasant to use. My companion has Apple. The software we develop and the...
  3. keithmaclroz

    YouTube SEO Why SEO is important

    This word needs to be something that represents the website or services you want to promote online. For example, when I was using SEO services from grownomics.com.au, I used an online bookstore because I have an online shop with books. SEO workers will make these words directly connected to my...