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Recent content by Ltsrcktechies

  1. Ltsrcktechies

    Subscriber Milestone 500+ Subs feels good!

    congrats :D happy for you!
  2. Ltsrcktechies

    This has the highest retention rate out 64 uploads

    so nice video my friend... god bless... :D
  3. Ltsrcktechies

    Work Hard To Improve Your Luck

    GO GO GO!!!!
  4. Ltsrcktechies

    First Sponsored Video!!

    congrats! nice content! :D new friends here
  5. Ltsrcktechies

    Here`s One Of My Latest Uploads Lets Connect!

    Hi Everyone This is one of my newest video uploads This video presentation i made for a friend of mine who works at this university. he wanted me to design their University Medical Laboratory for renovation. Thanks for watching! :D And Also Pls like the video and if your not subscribe yet...
  6. Ltsrcktechies

    YouTube Opinion Can I make YouTube my all time business for revenue?

    What's Your Product? My Product are my designs. In my case both my Actual Job and YouTube Are in perfect sink, i design 3D models of interior for my clients and post my videos on YouTube for them to see.. if your same as me then its easy for us.. im using Youtube to boost my business...
  7. Ltsrcktechies

    My latest video on Confidence

    i luck confidence my self, not a good speaker.. :D
  8. Ltsrcktechies

    My latest video on Confidence

    Love it:D