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Recent content by josiphiarizado@gmail

  1. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Need Advice Need help... I have been doing those things but nothing is working

    Guys i want your opinion on my channel and why i dont grow and why my views count is so low even after 7 years and 149k subs thank you
  2. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Channel Review Need Detailed review

    only less than 10% of my subscribers comes back. my subs are not fidele to me...I know what they want, but i dont want to spend my time making the same video and not progressing... also they want magic pills, unfortunately i cant lie to them. there is no such think to grow your hair
  3. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Channel Review Need Detailed review

    I really appreciate your detail review. I want to change to money because I am a business person. Hair was for fun, eventhough I did a lot of research and course . And I notice my audience want something I dont want to do... I do not want to lie to them and do like other youtubers in the hair...
  4. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Facebook Does Facebook page helps to grow channel?

    i have a facebook page but dont have time to really engage. I think im going to try again doing that
  5. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Answered SEO Studio

    yes... i think your thumbnail is too big. resize it or use canva template or picmonkey
  6. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Channel Review Need Detailed review

    User name: josiphiarizado@gmail Title of thread: Need Detailed review Self review: I started my channel on Hair Care. So basically i was educated people about hair. But my views are not high. Even when I do the same videos as others. Now I decided to transition my videos and make Finance...
  7. josiphiarizado@gmail

    Channel Review General advice on improving my channel

    Hello, I watched your channel and i feel like you need to comment the match as well. May be give your opinion, or maybe do reviews of those matches. You can upload videos like you do right now, but may upload also review of those video where you review the match and give your opinion or...