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Recent content by venkygaming

  1. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Subscribers removed

    subscribers decrease for some reason, even im not sure for it :(
  2. venkygaming

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    I think no social media help much! (we cannot get quality viewers from there)
  3. venkygaming

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    hope you get all resources :)
  4. venkygaming

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    sir thats really amazing! thanks for sharing :)
  5. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    Something new and unique way to earn money and fame. I Started for money but in actual im learning a lot from doing youtube. Enhancing my creativity
  6. venkygaming

    Audio Gear What Mic you Use?

    wow thanks for sharing!
  7. venkygaming

    Facebook Does Facebook page helps to grow channel?

    i tried but not gone successful with that
  8. venkygaming

    Gaming Channel Gaming channel please support me

    your channel name is complex to search! change it :)
  9. venkygaming

    YouTube Tips Subs Don't Matter... Here's Why

    active subs matter!
  10. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Trending Videos vs Evergreen Videos

    Evergreen will be better