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Recent content by ellisael

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    Movies/TV Movie recommendations? (Horror, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Comendy etc...)

    Guys, the oldest version of Gulliver's Travels - it has this very dystopian quality to it
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    Other What are looking forward to in 2022?

    I am really looking forward to fixing my back with chiropractice in the next three months and also having a quite birthday vacay month
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    Other Which pet would you like to own?

    Would like to own a raccoon
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    Other How does one change their username on this forum?

    oh! i thought i might have found some help with the same
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    Gaming what games does everyone enjoy playing?

    It has been a non-stop FIFA month for me
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    Life A feel-good story to make you smile

    This beautiful, beautiful story just made me absolutely happy and grin ear to ear. You are a wonderful human, OP. It also reminded me of this beautiful portion where Anne Frank in her diary talks about the pets she had as she is in hiding. Just the way that the love for animals shine even at our...
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    Movies/TV Any upcoming movie releases your excited about?

    I am truly excited abt the news that they are going to make a movie version of Parable of the Sower. I would want to catch the first show. Of course, also Spider Man- i am getting ready for it by watching the earlier adaptations
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    Educational Channel im new

    Hello, and i am new too. I make how to videos about improvising better. I am a theatre and English teacher and really happy to be here and learn from everyone
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    Pinterest Who has has luck on promoting with PINTREST?

    I, too, have had too much difficulty promoting using Pinterest. Is there any particular kind of subset that the platform is esp good for?
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    Movies/TV movie recommendations?

    I truly enjoyed watching The last man in San Francisco. and did a comfy rewatch of The Great Gatsby - i still don't get how he took the blame for the murder she committed.
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    Other Where are you from??

    Hi, I live in New York but originally from India