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Recent content by Mars16

  1. Mars16

    Channel Milestone My first achievement

    Thank you! I am hoping this too!
  2. Mars16

    Channel Milestone My first achievement

    Thank you so much ❤️, I will subs to your channel too!
  3. Mars16

    Movies/TV Totally off topic- I watched a movie last night that was SOOOO good, and I wonder why I have never heard of it!

    What lesson can we learn from the movie? Can anyone suggest? I am planning to watch that movie though.
  4. Mars16

    Channel Milestone My first achievement

    Thank you so much
  5. Mars16

    Channel Milestone My first achievement

    I am so thankful first to God of course, and also to the TubeBuddy it does help me gain by views and subies at the same time. I know this is a little achievement compare to the goal, but I am thankful for everything I received. TubeBuddy is actually a big help!
  6. Mars16

    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    Don't worry Desocrates! That's when we started too, but let's not stop nor be dismayed by it, just keep posting. Start a short video first, I usually do that to and I observe how long they watch my videos, I also posting a little bit long videos to see if they watch the same as the short videos...
  7. Mars16

    Lifestyle Channel Inspo channel for Black Moms with more than 4 kids

    Welcome to the TubeBuddy community
  8. Mars16

    YouTube Tips My story, strategy and journey to 1000+ subscribers. From making videos to learning algorithm, choosing Tubebuddy over vidiq

    I just read your entire story and experiences of creating YouTube channel and how its grows. Thank you for sharing it'll help a lot.♥️
  9. Mars16

    Answered TubeBuddy mobile community

    I can't open the "Community" in the mobile application, I tried it many times, how can I open it?:(