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    Planned Bulk upload and export of Keyword Explorer tags

    We do the same. So thank you Jannette for the request & thank you Phil for adding it to the list.
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    Suggested Post & Pin 1st comment on a live video.

    Not sure if this is possible, but would be very helpful. YT doesn't allow a comment on a private or scheduled video, but if TB had the ability to post a scheduled comment on that single video once the video went live would be wonderful. To pin the comment too would be even better. On the...
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    Suggested Filter comments - sort by oldest / newest & most thumbs up

    Could we have a sort by oldest/newest in the comment advanced filter? Started by [dropdown] that [dropdown] and contain [dropdown] show [dropdown] oldest/newest [dropdown] thumbsup [dropdown] GO Oldest to Newest: We try to answer everyone, but as soon as we answer one...
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    Suggested Canned Post with a Link to a Video or Playlist.

    Beanie & Andrew Thank you Beanie. That was what I was trying to say. Thank you Andrew for looking into this. This would be very helpful. We already have 15+ canned responses (without adding individual videos or playlist). Adding more would make the list very long which becomes a chore in itself.
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    Suggested Canned Post with a Link to a Video or Playlist.

    Thank you Andrew, but that wasn't what I was suggesting. It would be part of canned responses, but with an ability to find our video or playlist links. We would like to link to another video or playlist in the comments. So if they are watching a video "How To Eat Right" and they ask what...
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    Suggested Canned Post with a Link to a Video or Playlist.

    Would love to have the ability to reply to a comment and add a video/playlist link. I get questions all the time that I have already made a video on. Right now we have a link to a search query, but it would be great to be able to pick from a list. Thanks.